Friday, 6 March 2015

speedygeese news

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Dog Park training
Monday 9th being Canberra Day, there may be lots of activity around Parliament House.
So as is our custom, we shall meet at the Yarralumla Dog Park on that day.
Its location is on Banks Street, at the end nearest Weston Park.
4:30pm for an early, long, easy run; optional.
5:30pm for a warm-up run before interval training on grass.

Group dinner
On Monday 16th, after speedygeese training at Parliament House, we will have our next group dinner.
Southern Cross club - Yarralumla Yacht Club
Meet us there from ~ 6:45pm if you won't be at training first.
We will be ordering over the counter.
If it is a warm evening we will be out on the balcony.
No need to book, anyone can come along, including children.

Blog slide show
You may have noticed I have added many more slides to the slideshow at the head of this website. More to come.

Dickson training
We will resume Thursday training sessions at Dickson oval on 9 April, the Thursday after Easter (but before the marathon). I plan to attend each Thursday, meeting at 5:30pm. If there is interest in an early Thursday run, I may be able to do that as well. Mondays at Parliament house will continue regardless.

Down the coast
I will be heading down the coast today, to stay in Jamberoo with some of the granddchildren for a few days over the long weekend. It's almost the coast. But I am planning to check out the Shellharbour Parkrun while I am there, with a view to seeing if I can get a group of us to go down sometime for a day or two away. It's not a fast course but it's very scenic. Part of the run is on the beach, and there's a climb or two. I don't think there's a swim section, I will let you know. Miranda had the W60 record there for a while, I might get to see her while we are there, and maybe pace her to regain the record?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

See where we went: running in Scotland on 4 June

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I have already posted about our visit to Glasgow on 4 June.

On that day I also went on a 10k run from Larbert where we were staying. It was just along the roads, no trails off road just there. I ran as far as a freeway crossing which was a good enough place to turn back.

A beautiful day; a mild evening. There were a few people out walking, and little traffic.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

speedygeese training

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On Sunday at Stromlo Forest Park, while Joel, Dave and Andrew ran some 400m intervals, I jogged around, feeling relatively normal again.

On Monday at Parliament House, I jogged 5k, starting early with Miranda and Ewen, continuing later to supervise an east side 3 x 260m continuous relay which also included Alex, Andy, Cathy, Colin, Diana (new), Garry, Isaac, Jen, Julia, Margaret, Marie, Peter, Thommo, Ruth & Warrick. Yelena came along for the warmup, and Joel was there too, with 10 month old Vianna. Finally, Christopher was sighted as well, arriving as we left.

Thommo (on the left), Margaret (on the right) at the ACTVAC Curtin handicap.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

a week of speedygeese race results

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Tuesday 24 February YCRC Summer Series #5 Weston Park 5k
14. Jennifer Bright W35 22:41
15. David Clarke M55 22:42
17. Julia Anderson W40 23:05
20. Ewen Thompson M55 23:22
26. Vanessa Palmer W40 25:14
38 finishers

Tuesday 24 February YCRC Summer Series #5 Weston Park 2k
13 finishers

Thursday 26 February ACTVAC Track
M50 Colin Farlow 5:15.52 82.7%
W60 Margaret Phillips 6:42.80 86.3
W60 Ruth Baussmann 8:33.62 70.8
W65 Margaret McSpadden 9:21.07 69.1

W60 Margaret Phillips 12:59.15 87.8%
W60 Ruth Baussmann 16:04.18 74.2
W65 Margaret McSpadden 17:45.18 71.6

M50 Dale Moore 20:25.19 72.4%
W60 Kathy Sims 22:17.73 89.9

Friday 27 February Customs 5k
Jen Bright 20:29
Bill Arthur 26:08
Caroline Campbell 31:49
23 finishers

Saturday 28 February 5k Ginninderra Parkrun #149
31 Margaret Phillips 22:55 W60
74 Bron Sparkes 26:17 W35
120 Ruth Baussmann 30:58 W60
190 finishers

Saturday 28 February 5k Tuggeranong Parkrun #106
16 David Clarke 20:04 M55
21 Peter Thomson 20:19 M50
52 Ewen Thompson 22:53 M55 near PB!
313 Nicole Robinson 43:45 W40
358 finishers

Saturday 28 February 5k Gungahlin Parkrun #72
27 Julia Anderson 22:11 W40 New (Gungahlin) PB!
83 Margaret McSpadden 29:43 W65
142 finishers

Sunday 1 March YMCA Women’s 5k Fun Run
17 Helen Larmour W50 21:18
21 Kathy Sims W60 21:48
22 Maria O'Reilly W60 21:56
25 Alison Sims W30 22:15
40 Gabrielle Brown W50 23:53
50 Catherine Montalto W60 25:02
80 Caroline Campbell W70 27:14
96 Ruth Baussmann W60 28:13
111 Sarah Pau W40 28:26
148 Margaret McSpadden W65 29:34
762 finishers

Monday, 2 March 2015

you can call "meow"

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Song of the week: "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Joshua Torley, 15 years old

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For anyone who hasn't seen the video of Canberra's Joshua Torley running second in the 2015 NSW 5000m track championships at the age of 15, here it is, in full.


In the past, runners may have looked at this young fresh-faced kid on the start line of races and wondered, who is this kid, he's out of his depth. Not any more I imagine.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Announcing the March Challenge

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The November challenge was a set of strength-endurance exercises
December challenge was focusing more on strength.
January challenge was focusing more on endurance: extra easy running.
February challenge was an alcohol free month.
They have all been successful; all challenges overcome.
Now for my March challenge.
Which will be to stretch twice a day. My stretching routine will be a range of exercises targeted to my needs.
I will be easing back on strength because (a) I have been injured for two weeks and (b) important races are scheduled over Easter.
Been meaning to stretch for at least 20 years now.
At the same time, hoping I can get back into my running routine and be reasonably fit by April.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Where we went part 21B: Stirling, Scotland, 3 June

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Having arrived in Larbert, settled in, and had lunch, we took the train one station to Stirling and walked around this beautiful city and up the the hill to Stirling Castle.

Stirling railway station

Pub crawl!

We have seen all about Bannockburn via Neil Oliver "The Quest for Bannockburn"

Looks good in black and white

Souvenir shop. Now we know where granddaughter Kayleigh's name came from!

The Boys Brigade. That brings back memories!

And back in Larbert at the end of the day. Still bright and sunny in Scotland in June!!