Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Up and Running

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 with 12 comments
Welcome to our new interactive web site. You may start using it right away. Topics of interest will be posted regularly. We welcome comments and questions on any running related topic - the sky's the limit.

This site will feature all kinds of running writing - sharing ideas, getting feedback, announcing awards, messages about social events, ideas, hints, advice, discussions; links to other running and coaching sites of interest.

There will be information about training and racing dates, Team Moore training group results including the prestigious (weekly) Chocolate Frog and (six-monthly) Caramel Koala awards for outstanding performances.

And of course other things of interest to our group of runners - runner profiles, announcements about how we went last week, birthdays particularly new Masters age groups, hatches matches & dispatches.

New people wanting training can find out what the training group offers and contact us via the site.

And PHOTOS will be posted!

This can be whatever you want it to be! So please join in now, start by adding a comment to this post. Just try it!


  1. Hey Geoff!

    This is a very cool website and could really develop.

    For anyone inspiring to come and try this group out, it is well worth it and you will definitely come back for more (Moore?!). Joining Geoff's running group is very rewarding. Just about every runner who has trained with Geoff has made vast improvements with their PB'S and race performance. The best part about the group is that it is quite large and caters for everyone - from beginner to elite.

    Lisa Wilson

  2. Hi Geoff
    I'm very impress with your new website. Well done. Cathy

  3. Geoff, I left my chocolate frog near the tree yesterday! Did someone eat it or has it melted. - Ewen

  4. Hey Ewen
    Cathy N and I found your chocolate frog after 5 laps of North Lyneham long after you had left. We couldn't leave it to the ants or let it go to waste (no pun intended) so we looked after it for you - yum!! I'll bring a replacement to North Lyneham next Monday.
    Geoff - this website will be great fun - good idea!

  5. After running five laps you deserve the chocolate frog, that's for sure! :)

  6. Hey,
    How could anyone forget their chocolate, especially after a long run!
    Great website Geoff!

  7. Hi Geoff
    The website is a great idea! I was just thinking yesterday of how much I really miss the training group sessions. I've changed the nights that I'm working and hope to rejoin the Thursday night sessions soon. When are they starting back in Dickson???
    Michelle Wells (PS. Am now back at my old job at the Institute part-time, Wednesday-Friday.

  8. Hi Geoff
    What a great idea - much better than OZTRACK!

  9. Hi Michelle, I am sure you feel like running more as I haven't seen you around for a while.. We will start training again at Dickson in April 2005. I will probably take a week or so to get back from the Masters Championships in Brisbane at Easter, which is the last weekend in March, so training will resume the first or second week in April. Just in time for the Canberra Marathon!

  10. Hey, I forgot to mention that last week as Cathy (Iron woman) and I left from Nth Lyneham the man from No 8 in the street where we park the cars said that we were very welcome to knock on his door and use his loo anytime we are caught short - may be useful to know that sometimes now that the trees don't provide as much coverage!!

  11. Umm - it would be silly to trust him..... would it not?

  12. email from Annie - Hello Geoff and everybody on the website, I think it's a great idea. Thanks for sending me those contributions. Maybe you can put my messages on it so that people can hear that I'm still alive and "trying" to kick ! I received the Vetrunners that Sherryl Greathead sent me after meeting Col (my partner) who was in Canberra for a holiday. Thanks a lot Sherryl. I saw the photograph of you as a blonde. Wowww, you won't be able to cope with all the attention now ! I am still waiting for news about my transfer application. If it is granted, I would move (to Wellington, or Washington or Mauritius) next (European) summer. Which makes it difficult because I don't know where I will be in August during the World Veteran Championships where I felt like going. It's hard to organize anything in those conditions. In the meantime I do as much training as I can to prepare for the Rotterdam marathon, but it's going to be hard. We ran for 2 hours 20 mn yesterday and I was exhausted ! So I am a bit worried. Never mind. I see that the Vets are still very active and creative and full of ideas which is great. Write to me at my work e-mail address if you would like to give me some news - annie.VAN-HERCK -at- diplomatie.gouv.fr
    Talk to you soon

    PS : I'd love a chocolate frog ! There are lots of frogs here, but they are all alive !