Saturday, 5 February 2005

Result - Telstra A Series 800 Vets Handicap

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, February 05, 2005 with 2 comments
The Telstra A Series Vets handicap over 800 metres today featured a very strong run from recently turned 50 year old Phil White who, following his record breaking sub63 400 hurdles last Thursday, managed to hold out John Morton down the straight to narrowly win. A feature of the race was, despite the winds down the back straight, almost all runners ran season's best times. Times below have been adjusted for the starts which means that Rad Leovic's is exact and all the others are rough. Colin Farlow was the first finisher from our training group, and Ken, Maria, Kathy, and Charmaine all did well and are pleased with their runs.

1 Phil White M50 2:11.52
2 John Morton M45 2:07.74
3 Damain Rutledge M35 2:03.27
4 Colin Farlow M40 2:09.05
5 Garry Maher M55 2:24.78
6 Ken White M50 2:20.50
7 Geoff Sims M55 2:25.63
8 Andrew Endall M40 2:15.54
9 Craig Wisdom M45 2:22.01
10 Maria O'Reilly W50 2:46.96
11 Maureen Rossiter W50 2:47.30
12 Kathy Sims W50 2:57.97
13 Rad Leovic M75 3:25.83
14 Charmaine Knobel W50 3:08.10
15 Ellen Lloyd W35 3:02.06


  1. Comment from Damian Rutledge - Top effort Geoff – just like that record 3000m run of yours from ’84 which will continue to stand the test of time!

    Enjoyed scrolling through your website too. Thanks for a great effort playing a part in coordinating the Vets race on Saturday and for starting us.

    Pardon the expression but it appeared to go like clockwork!

    P.S. I suppose you heard the one about the guy who entered the “Pun” competition and after he found out he could enter as many times as he liked, he entered 10 times. As far as winning goes, that’s right, you guessed it – no pun in-ten-did!

  2. Comment from John Morton - Thanks Geoff.

    Boy what a quick service you run. I found the link on your home page readily. Congratulations on the web site Geoff.

    Today, Sunday I saw Kevin, Ken, Michael & Colin participate in the 4x400m club relay with some strong times recorded, especially after a few had already run some relays earlier.

    Is anyone in Geoff’s group doing to compete in the NSW Championships this year on Feb 26,27? I am considering going.