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John Morton Everyday Canberran

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From Sunday’s Canberra Times:

"This week’s column on how everyday Canberrans keep fit focuses on two-time 800m and 1500m Australian Masters champion, John Morton, 46, from Kaleen."

As you get older, what kind of things do you need to do to keep your body in tune?
The most important things are to make sure you drink lots of water and every day empty that stale air sitting in the bottom of your lungs. I am running as fast now as I did in my school days but I need to train smarter, plan further forward and include longer recoveries.

How important is warming up/cooling down?
It becomes even more important as you get older. Too many beginners and veteran runners suffer an injury because they are in too much of a hurry to train.

I believe running is particularly hard on the knees?
Actually I had more trouble with my knees when I was playing rugby in my teens than now. Knees are a major mind block for many would-be-runners who are too scared to break out of a brisk walk. The best thing you can do is to lose any excess weight, look at how you stride when running, keep off hard surfaces while training and wear appropriate footwear.

How does running compare to other sports?
Running can be harder on the joints but is the fastest way to improve fitness.

What’s the best piece of advice you would offer someone?
Don’t be down on yourself if you miss a session or you have a poor session. Train hard enough to feel rewarded but not too hard that you need more than two days of no exercise.

What is your philosophy when it comes to sport?
I had an active childhood, then stopped any sort of physical routine because I thought I was too time-poor to participate. Now I see just how wrong that thinking was. Spending even two hours a week on regular exercise will make you more productive and happier.
Interview with Lucy Gibson

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  1. thanks geoff for taking the time to include this "everyday canberra". its good to read about down-to-earth people and how they manage their life and loves... keep up da good work...