Sunday, 10 April 2005

Ricciuto Rout in Rivalry Round

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, April 10, 2005 with 2 comments
Off subject, but I cannot help it! Adelaide Crows 18-16 124 defeated Port Adelaide Power 8-8 56 2005 Showdown Medallist Winner captain Mark Ricciuto Best On Ground in his 300th game. YAY! See comment for Ricciuto interview.
Yes, alright, I will have a marathon report soon.


  1. Go the Crows! Geoff, thanks for your encouragement out on the course (and afterwards). To say it was difficult for everyone was an understatement. I wish it didn't take so long - it would be much easier!

  2. Adelaide captain Mark Ricciuto says all AFL teams are vulnerable if their opponents attack the ball consistently and aggressively.

    "You can rattle any side in the competition if you attack the ball hard and everyone does it all over the ground," Ricciuto said after the Crows' shock 68-point hammering of Port Adelaide in Showdown XVII at AAMI Stadium on Sunday.

    "The test for us now is just to keep doing it. Port have been able to do that for a long time. We've done it for one week so we need to keep doing it."

    Ricciuto described the big win as 'exactly what we wanted' but he added: "I didn't think it was going to be that easy in the end, but we owe them a few so it's a good feeling.

    "It was a great win and everyone played well. That was probably the best thing about it. We've worked hard over the summer about improving our leadership and improving our backbone and second-tier players, and I thought a lot of those guys really stood up and played well.

    "We're quietly confident where we can go. I know a lot people have written us off - and before the start of the year. We changed our game plan quite a bit over the summer and that always takes time to get right.

    "We've made a few mistakes over the pre-season and even in the first few games, but I think we're getting better and better.

    "What we did against Collingwood last week in the last quarter was, I thought, a big step forward. It was a bit of an ugly game but we still won it, and we won it away and we hadn't beaten Collingwood for a long time.

    "The challenge today was to continue that and we did it pretty well."

    Ricciuto said the Crows had stood up to Port in the past but probably had been guilty of being 'sucked into giving away a few free kicks - and doing it the wrong way'.

    "I thought the way we attacked them today by going at the ball hard and running forward hard, I think that's the best way you can beat them," he said.

    Playing his 300th official match to qualify for automatic AFL Life Membership, Ricciuto won the Showdown Medal as best afield. He also won it in the Crows' previous two wins against Port - in Showdown VII in 2000 and in Showdown XV early last season.

    "It's good - obviously you try to play well all the time and the best form of leadership is out on the ground," he said.

    "But I certainly wasn't a standout player today. We had a lot of players who did really well and that's a hell of a lot more important - to have a full side of contributors than have one good player."

    Asked about Adelaide having so many goalkickers against Port (11) and appearing to not have an established forward structure, Ricciuto said: "If you look at most teams I think they don't have really set forward lines.

    "A lot of players rotate through the forward line or rotate off the bench through the midfield and change up forward. We've got a number of players up there who can kick goals.

    "It was a big decision for Neil (Craig) to drop Mark Stevens this week. He's gone back and played well for the Eagles (in the SANFL). Once he gets a bit more match fitness as well, he's going to give us a lot more aerial power up forward, so I think the forward line will only get better.

    "The reason we kicked more goals today was we had a better balance of numbers through the midfield instead of getting so many players behind the ball."

    Ricciuto, 30 on June 8, said he would probably spend 'more and more time' up forward.

    "The game's getting quicker and more demanding in the midfield, and it's silly to try to stay in the middle all day, so to change forward or on the bench will definitely be a part of my game for the next couple of years," he said.

    "I'm pretty happy playing up forward. I played a lot of footy there in my junior days."