Saturday, 10 September 2005


Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, September 10, 2005 with 3 comments
What's the point of seven day forecasts when today's is way out? I have been watching the weather channel with great interest. Adelaide today was supposed to be showers and storms and high winds with a maximum of 16!? Well at 2pm it was still beautiful sunny and warm, good enough for me to have a run in the SA Masters 5k race in the south parklands, where I ran a year's best time of 19.56. Hurrah! Back under 4's. The funny thing was, the race was two laps of a figure eight course; exactly the same pattern as our last few training sessions at Parliament House!

I even met a chicky-babe wearing green shoes. She spotted mine first and I heard the cry "green shoes like mine" and we had a good chat.

I also met a runner who not only knew my brother and sister-in-law from Blackwood SA, but also knew my best friends Lindsay and Linda Mee from Darwin!

For those who want to know what our movements are over the next few days, we are heading back to Canberra soon, and should be home by Wednesday 14th.

I hope all goes well for those running in the Sydney marathon, and I hope the weather forecasts for Sunday in Sydney are just as wrong as today's were for Adelaide.


  1. Geoff,

    Great run mate, good omen for the CTFR...Bring it on !

    Yours in Running Writing
    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  2. Well done on an amazing time Geoff. Look forward to seeing you next weekend. Stay safe.

  3. Aaaaaahhhhhh, the universal comraderie of the Green Shoes, I just love that!!!

    Good run Speedy Geoff - We've been missing you, but we will see you soon.

    Colin's been killin' us!!