Saturday, 29 October 2005

Track Results from Thursday

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Congratulations to our W55 runners Jill Brown and Margaret McSpadden who were part of the 4x200m relay team which set a new ACT record.

It was good to see all the track events timed electronically.

Full results are on the club website.

TEAM MOORE results
M40 Colin Farlow 4.48.80
M45 Rod Lynch 5.09.81
M45 Roger Pilkington 5.25.03
M50 Michael Leahey 5.03.59
M50 Neville Madden 5.35.06
M55 Geoff Sims 5.39.59
M55 Ken Eynon 5.47.85
M55 Neil Boden 5.59.80
M60 Mike Worsley 6.43.43
M65 Tony Booth 6.27.98
W30 Jenny Langton 5.19.07
W35 Katie Forestier 5.41.54
W45 Annemarie Calnan 6.32.66
W50 Maria O'Reilly 5.45.07
W50 Kathy Sims 6.01.13
W50 Charmaine Knobel 6.23.97
W55 Margaret McSpadden 7.17.46

3000m early
M40 Colin Farlow 10.16.66
M40 Dale Moore 12.02.30
M45 Rod Lynch 11.03.98
M45 Richard Faulks 11.20.19
M45 Roger Pilkington 11.29.01
M50 Michael Leahey 10.27.67
M55 Ken Eynon 14.51.18
M60 Mike Worsley 14.22.36
M65 Tony Booth 13.40.68
W45 Annemarie Calnan 13.34.61
W50 Charmaine Knobel 12.56.52
W55 Margaret McSpadden 14.56.85

3000m late
M45 Rod Lynch 11.51.26
M45 Roger Pilkington 12.21.37
M55 Ken Eynon 12.33.20
M55 Neil Boden 13.43.73
M60 Mike Worsley 13.47.25
M65 Tony Booth 16.04.50

W30 Jeni Greenland 21.15.51

M40 Michael Rutter 60.34
M45 Kevin Matthews 62.60
M45 Rod Lynch 67.53
M55 Geoff Sims 64.12
M55 Kevin Chamberlain 68.41
M55 Neil Boden 72.48
M60 Michael Roche 80.00
M60 Mike Worsley 87.15
W30 Jenny Langton 67.89
W45 Vicki Matthews 73.36
W50 Maureen Rossiter 71.21
W55 Jill Brown 81.15

4x200m relay
W30 Jenny Langton 2.01.78
(W35 Karen Davis)
(W30 Anna Danielson)
M55 Geoff Sims

(M45 Mark Worrall) 2.10.83
(M30 Craig Edwards)
M60 Michael Roche
(M55 Jim White)

W35 Katie Forestier 2.11.89
W45 Vicki Matthews
(W40 Jayne Hardy)
(M35 John Donovan)

W50 Maureen Rossiter 2.24.94
W50 Kathy Sims
W50 Maria O'Reilly
W50 Charmaine Knobel

W55 Jill Brown 2.23.88* record
W55 Margaret McSpadden
(W55 Carol Baird)
(W55 Margaret Taylor)

Long Jump
M40 Michael Rutter 4.94
M45 Kevin Matthews 4.96

High Jump
M45 Ewen Thompson 1.30

1500m Walk
M55 Kevin Chamberlain 8.51.52
W35 Amanda Walker 12.02.55
W60 Alice Scott 11.17.84

There may have been a non-Vet from our training group in the walk too - I will check other sources and add the name in!

Daniels results appear below.

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  1. Electronic timing has been mentioned by Geoff.

    This is done at the moment by two people.

    This is replacing all those who used to do the hand timing and all those who used to do the place judging.

    We would welcome assistance from all who wish to be involved in the electronic timeing.