Thursday, 10 November 2005

How we ran tonight

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, November 10, 2005 with 2 comments
It wasn't as humid at the track tonight as it has been recently, although the rain struck during the last race. But it was windy, which meant that there were no pbs this week. The wind was worth a second or two a lap. Some of the runs were very good though.

In the early 3000, Gary ran about 11:57, Ken White about 12.22, Peter about 13.04, and Charmaine 13.11. Roger ran 12.56 but he was just warming up for a series of events later on, culminating with a 19.30 ish 5k where he went through 3k in 11.30 ish.

In the 1500 Gary ran about 5.32, Marie 5.46, Katie 5.47, Charmaine 6.18, Colin 4.40, Michael 5.04, Jenny 5.06, Roger 5.07 and Rod 5.18.

There was a Parlauf relay, and the only splits I got were the 800s, where John Mordini ran about 2.17, Geoff Sims about 2.35, and Gary 2.36.

Of these performances, in the conditions, it was probably Jenny's 1500 which stood out.


  1. Hey Geoff,

    It was a medley relay and don't forget the boys in the pink shirts who broke the M40's record - now that is worth a mention - they were pretty awsome.

    If Ken hadn't paused for a smile and thumbs up with 150 to go in his 400 - who knows they could have knocked another 5 seconds of that time :0)

    Roger is just a running machine - you just wind him up and he goes and goes and goes and goes......

  2. the girls in the green shirts did pretty well too. (or, they looked pretty too?)