Sunday, 6 November 2005

Race Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, November 06, 2005 with 2 comments
While we are waiting for Thursday night track results to appear - so I can extract our training group times and compare them with the previous couple of week's time - I do have the jogalong times from today to report on.

It appears the course was the correct 6k course today. With lots of kids, and another Fun Run setting up on the finishing straight, and long grass making part of the course single lane, all adding to the fun.

Charmaine ran a blinder, around 28:40, her pb was 28.53, her secret might be that she now works in the Running Shop. Helen also had a return to form, about 29.48, pleasing to see her getting under 30 mins after six months away from the jogalong in recovery mode.

Not in Team Moore but Elaine ran about 24:30 (she is in the W45 age group, girls! How would she go in a relay team?) . And one of my weblog readers Allrounder (fellow Team H member!) ran a good 28:40 too, same time as Charmaine (but not from the same start group).

Also while I am waiting for the track results, the Bega trip yesterday was not dull. Cloud in Canberra, blazing sunshine in Cooma, then thick fog across Brown Mountain (all day!) reducing driving to a crawl. I sighted no less than four dead wombats on the road (sorry Ewen!) and only once did a car appear coming out of the fog on my side of the road around a bend.
I managed somehow to avoid her though, and avoid hitting any roadkill.

Gee Bega countryside is nice.

The highlight was probably having dinner back at Cooma with a couple of friends, at my favourite Cooma restaurant, the asian one at the park next to the Woolworths Caltex petrol station. Which I should add was selling petrol for 114 cents per litre, 9 cents cheaper than Canberra with the discount. But the low traffic volumes must be because of the petrol prices; it's a good time to travel if you are rich enough.


  1. Results from Thursday not yet done because Jim O'D was sick last week, was away over the weekend, and at the doctor this morning, Monday, and later, Monday, at the AIS this morning, doing photofinish duties.

  2. Yes I thought Jim wasn't too well when I saw him on Thursday. ... if I see him tonight I will commiserate. I will need to get at least the 200 results to complete the Daniels handicaps for this week ... I have been busy doing other things, ironically reformatting a newsletter for another organisation....

    PostScript - I see most of the results have gone up this afternoon.. Jim must be feeling better.