Thursday, 29 December 2005

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, December 29, 2005 with 9 comments
I have been writing articles for Vetrunner for two years. And I have been writing posts for this weblog for one year. So what now ?

Recent improvements to the blog have been “Coming Event Highlights” and the flying goose. I will continue to make improvements in 2006.

Did the weblog live up to its promise in 2005?

In January when I started, I wrote we would see “topics of interest; comments and questions on any running related topic; idea sharing; feedback; awards; social event notices; hints and advice; discussions; links; training and racing calendar; training group results; runners profiles; birthdays, anniversaries, hatches matches & dispatches; contact information; photos; whatever you want it to be!”

My answer is yes, it did live up to its promise, but I would like to see more interaction. So I will keep on listing and summarising your performances, and hope you also add comments on how you felt you went, and other events you have participated in. I will also review the “contributors” list and try and encourage more input that way.

Other things included have been some teaching on principles of running, cartoons, jokes and even songs. As well as photos, there were newspaper cuttings and dvd stills. Other writing included my own training plans and goals which I will continue to include.

The sets of ten principles I wrote about were on “conditioning”, “form”, and “racing”.
Future sets planned are “sample training sessions”, “stretches”, “health tips”, and something in the “motivational” arena.

You are all welcome to participate, contribute, or at least make suggestions.

In the Vetrunner arena, I would like my "articles" to become more "story". In the weblog arena, I would like my "articles" to become more readable with sub headings, dot points, key point summary etc. and fitting with space to spare on one page; short and to the point (e.g. not like this!). If you are creative and can help, thanks! Please do.

It looks like being a busy 2006!

Fly Goose Fly!


  1. And Team Moore should be thankful for all the help and advice on training both on this Blog and on the ground provided by SpeedyGeoff.

    And here is hoping that your goals for 2006 are achieved.

  2. Good point Friar ~ Thankyou SG for your committment, knowledge and time you share so freely with the team ~ Good onya ~ still impressed!!

    Oh yeah ~ it's very hot today, could you switch the temp down a few notches ~ or aren't you in charge of that?

  3. Thanks Kt, Friar and co. and it's your enthusiasm and energy that keeps me going.

  4. Thanks Geoff! Has it really been 12 months?

    I'd like to see the ten principles of "resting and sleeping".

    For those readers who don't comment, just log in and say something such as "That was good" or "I don't get it". It only takes a couple of clicks!

  5. 'That was good'

    Happy New Year Geoff!!!

  6. speedygeoff,

    Many thanks for all your efforts, both on the road and on the web.

    For mine, it has been a road well travelled, a road that has seen me spending many an hour learning how to train better, and subsequently run better.

    This has brought about some really fantastic improvements in both my performances and also in my health.

    I have also met some awesome people and have made so many new friends.

    Thanks for the opportunity to do all these things speedygeoff, I wish you all the very best for 2006 and hope that you go on to bigger and better things !

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers, and also to all the members of Team Moore !

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  7. 'That was good', 'I don't get it'

  8. Dear ESFJ - hello, pseudo-anonymous one, ha ha, I know who you are, and you know that I know who you are, and I know that you know that I know ... etc etc. Ewen will be so happy now that everyone is following his advice. To extreme perhaps, but he won't mind.

    Oh, dear ESFJ, I do like being around you; you make me feel good about myself; and you are extremely good at what you do.

    One day I will test the suggestion that you are so generous you would give me the shirt off your back!

  9. Maybe not my shirt, but you can have ALL of my Chocolate Frogs and I will lend you my coat...