Sunday, 1 January 2006

New Year Racing

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, January 01, 2006 with 4 comments
Caroline Claims Silver

The Women’s Jogalong was held this morning in blistering, blustering, and blazing heat. Team Moore was again prominent although the field was understandably smaller than usual.

. Caroline Campbell ran second on handicap. She thinks she was third but she was actually second. Her time was around 29.48. Now if they don't put her back too many groups ..
Katie Kicks "Donkey"

. Katie ran an exceptional 25.54 for one of the fastest times in the 5.56k. Katie's place was eleventh on handicap despite being off group 42. A good start to the year.

. Just ten seconds slower than Katie was allrounder who ran a great 26.04
Heat Hits Handicap
"Oh Boy" it was hot this morning. Canberra's forecast is 38 degrees, same as yesterday, although here in Belconnen it was 41 yesterday. Can't wait for that change! In the olden days, hot summer days in Canberra might reach 30, but only once or twice would peak at 35.


  1. Wow, it would have been a hot one running the jogalong today! Best wishes for a wonderful 2006 and many thanks for all your running support and great training this year.

  2. It was a Stinker, I hate running in the heat - on my way to the Jogalong this morning it was already 30oC, that was at 9.00am, by the time I started it was hotter and running up the finishing path the sun was burning my face......what is it that motivates us to run on a day like today, I should have stayed in bed (like a lazy wombat)...

  3. I'm happy I wimped out by the sounds of it, good on you all you tough people who did it!

  4. Chinup Charlie02 January, 2006

    Hey KT, even wombats need to move around in the heat. Looks like you are born to run in the heat, by the times you are posting. Good Run.