Saturday, 14 January 2006

Team Moore Ran Jumped but didn't Throw

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, January 14, 2006 with 7 comments
Thursday Track Results

Great results all round for our training group.

3000m Early Race
Rod Lynch 11:19.4
Roger Pilkington 12:56.3
John Alcock 13:53.1

3000m Late Race
Rod Lynch 11:34.8
Gary Bowen 12:26.7
Ewen Thompson 14:14.9
Geoff Moore 11:39.9
Trevor Cobbold 12:11.6
Neil Boden 13:13.9
Alan Duus 13:46.8
John Alcock 14:24.4
Tony Booth 13:11.3
Katie Forestier 12:37.6
Helen Larmour 12:48.9
Pam Faulks 15:49.2
Kathy Sims 12:57.5
Margaret McSpadden 14:51.5

Roger Pilkington 21:48.0

Colin Farlow 2:09.52
Rod Lynch 2:27.99
Roger Pilkington 2:32.88
Gary Bowen 2:39.02
Ewen Thompson 2:55.70
Neville Madden 2:26.60
Ken White 2:27.13
Kevin Chamberlain 2:31.03
Trevor Cobbold 2:32.93
Neil Boden 2:42.31
Alan Duus 3:01.93
Tony Booth 2:57.18
Katie Forestier 2:50.96
Helen Larmour 3:01.17
Maria O'Reilly 2:42.68
Kathy Sims 2:53.17
Maureen Rossiter 2:47.96 ACT W55 record

John Alcock 17.22
Katie Forestier 15.89
Vicki Matthews 14.79
Maureen Rossiter 15.50
Jill Brown 17.11

Colin Farlow 61.22
Geoff Sims 61.48
John Alcock 79.89
Vicki Matthews 71.86
Pam Faulks 88.55
Maria O'Reilly 74.89
Maureen Rossiter 72.48
Jill Brown 80.11

4x100m Relay
(Leo Kennedy)
(Sue Bourke)
Vicki Matthews
(Ian Sanders) 56.00

(Ken Telfer)
(Andrew McMahon)
John Alcock
Maria O'Reilly 59.00

(Heidi Wain)
Pam Faulks
(Patrick Stakelum)
Geoff Sims 63.43

(Margaret Taylor)
Jill Brown
Maureen Rossiter
Carol Baird 66.40

Long Jump
John Alcock 3.39
Vicki Matthews 3.73

High Jump
Roger Pilkington 1.33
Ewen Thompson 1.30

1500m Walk
Ewen Thompson 9.05
Rod Gilchrist 9.55
Carol Baird 10.02
Margaret McSpadden 12.20
Alice Scott 11.39


  1. Thanks for the results Geoff. I think you need a couple of exclamation marks after your 3000m - a very good run especially as it was still warm and humid.

    I, on the other hand, need 6 question marks after my pedestrian 3000 - a pity it wasn't a mistake like the others - I really was that slow.

  2. I am about to correct the mistakes -- should there be a division for pedestrians?

  3. Thanks for the results Geoff, and thanks for fixing up the times :0)

    That was good, I didn't understand that......he, he

    Oh and don't be mean to Ewen!!

  4. Geoff is not being mean Katie. I'll be mean and make him wear a scratchy cotton shirt in the marathon.

    There's already an event for pedestrians - 'race walking'.

    Don't you think our new photo looks like the cast of Survivor Panama - Exile Island?!

  5. Wasn't it a 'Turkey Race Walk', this week?

    Yes I can see some potential there for 2 tribes, if we put all the Survivor Junkies together the other lot won't stand a chance!!

  6. If you are such good "survivors" I suggest you all do the swim leg of the next Team Triathlon - preferably over the full iron man distance. (Hint for completing the course - swim like a girl)

  7. What day are we doing the swim training then?