Wednesday, 8 February 2006

De-Lurking Day.

Posted by speedygeoff On Wednesday, February 08, 2006 | 8 comments
Careful where you line up in the next fun run or you might be forced to start too fast!

De-Lurking Day.

Every 6 months we will celebrate De-Lurking day. The lurker is of course the frequent visitor to the blog who reads, enjoys, but never comments. Yet on this day I invite you to say hello. It is not only a liberating act but warms our collective souls to see who else is out there in the blogosphere. So where are you from? What do you do? How often do you visit? Any info will be devoured by Ewen, Griffin and myself.

Just say hello or make an observation, what is the best run you have had or which post have you enjoyed the most?

You can continue to lurk tomorrow.


  1. Hello, I have made an observation!!

  2. Hi Geoff, I sometimes post but mostly Lurk. Your Blog is very informative and it's great to see what the Canberra crowd are up to.
    Happy Blogging!

  3. Hi Geoff i have only recently relented from full time lurking duties...but it does take time and commitment to lead to a full recovery!LOL
    Cheers R2B

  4. Hello! I too am a frequent lurker but I do comment sometimes and I just love your little cartoons. And how good is Lauren - woo hoo! That will keep us glued to the Games! Oh and I always enjoy your postings - you are bookmarked in my favourites!

  5. True lurkers will hold out for years but thanks for making observations esfj, gg and r2b.

    I line up way behind the lion - maybe that's where I've been going wrong.

  6. ur right ewen - none of esfj, gg, nor r2b is a "true lurker" 'cause we have met them already. And strewth would qualify as a life member not as a lurker. We are getting 40 readers a day, and indeed most of these are true lurkers. Wonderful to think there might be a dozen regular readers we don't know about and I would still like some of you to come out of hiding when you read this! To those who have done so already, thanks for leaving your observations!

  7. KathySouthgate09 February, 2006

    Hi Geoff, I usually drop in about once a week to see what the gang are up to these days. I occasionally comment though.
    I like reading your comments & articles.

  8. i lurk there for i am.
    I have been learning stuff from your training guides :)



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