Saturday, 4 February 2006

Our Lauren at the Nationals

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, February 04, 2006 with 4 comments
Women 400 Metres Hurdles Open

In Jana's absence from the event, if Lauren were to run First or Second in the final, this should give Lauren a berth in the Commonwealth Games, as she ran a qualifier in the Telstra A Series meet in Canberra. Jana will be selected and probably two others.

Heat 1: 1, Sonia Brito, VIC, 58.14Q. 2, Lyndsay Pekin, WA, 60.66Q. 3, Rebecca O'Loughlin, VIC, 60.88Q. 4, Emily Allen, VIC, 61.43q. 5, Katherine Crerie, WA, 62.07q. 6, Sarah O'Connell, NZL, 68.79. 7, Rachel Pederson, NSW, 69.02.

Heat 2: 1, Lauren Boden, ACT, 59.84Q. 2, Lauren Jauncey, VIC, 62.06Q. 3, Tarin Nevin, NSW, 63.16Q. 4, Evie Maguire, VIC, 63.76. 5, Heather Ridley, VIC, 66.38. 6, Louise Aylwin, NSW, 66.71.

STOP PRESS! Lauren second!

Final 1, Sonia Brito, VIC, 56.94, CGB. 2, Lauren Boden, ACT, 58.81. 3, Lyndsay Pekin, WA, 60.26. 4, Emily Allen, VIC, 60.36. 5, Katherine Crerie, WA, 60.83. 6, Rebecca O'Loughlin, VIC, 61.15. 7, Tarin Nevin, NSW, 62.98. 8, Lauren Jauncey, VIC, 1:26.5


  1. Wow and wow again. Wouldn't that be so cool!! Good luck to Lauren! I just must add that your little hint about pulling the imaginery rope when tired works well, especially up hills!! Also, I kept singing one of your 'favourite five' songs loudly in the shower after my long run today not remembering the window was wide open. The neighbours must have had a treat!!

  2. then sings my soul ... a singing bird in an open cage who will only fly for freedom ... so much lighter since I met you ... to the place with golden streets ... all my life I've been waiting ....

    I think there's a theme here! And any one of these would have entertained my neighbours, too, some time or other.

    Fly goose fly!

  3. Well done Lauren! I hope you're selected for the Games - what an experience that would be for a young athlete!

  4. Among the rest of the results, of note was Brendan Cole winning the men's 400m hurdles. And if anyone has been on a desert island, they won't know that Jana ran dead last in the women's 400m flat final.