Sunday, 12 March 2006

Woke up.. fell out of bed... dragged a comb across my head

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, March 12, 2006 with 4 comments
Ewen running yesterday's six foot track. Photo by Plu. It looks shady and flat? That can't be right!

It was an early start for the Six Foot Track run yesterday and the Weston Creek Half Marathon today.

Six Foot Track

Team Moore results
200 Geoff Barker 5:15 (2nd M60)
385 John Kennedy 5:53.30
519 Mike Worsley 6:19.30 (6th M60)
523 Cathy Montalto 6:20 (8th W50)
561 Christopher Lang 6:29
675 Ewen Thompson 6:56
718 Alice Scott 8:05
Carol Baird DNF
An amazing run from Geoff Barker.
They all ran 45km on mountains on a rather hot Saturday morning.

Carol Baird and Geoff Barker at a previous event. Two very speedy people indeed. Carol, one of the race favourites for the Six Foot Track, hurt her foot and was unable to finish.

Weston Creek Half Marathon

A hot Sunday morning for the half marathon - it had cooled down very little overnight - saw the biggest field for a number of years. Age category winners from Team Moore were Cathy Newman, having her first win as a W45, and Caroline Campbell W60. "Speedy Geese" comprising three Team Moore runners was the first women's relay team. Speedy Goose 3, Maria, won a barrel draw prize too. Have I forgotten anyone? Official results to come.

ACT Veterans Athletic Club news

There is a new link on the sidebar of this blog, a link to ACTVAC News. The news page is a new service recently appearing on the ACTVAC website. It will be updated weekly, every Monday. Something I have volunteered to do. If you have news you would like to appear there, please email me!


  1. Fantastic results from Six Foot Track. Wonder what the temps were like on that course? Good photo of Ewen. The track looks beautiful in that scene. Great race for you today speedygeoff.

  2. Thanks for the update SG!

    I hope that the Speedy Geese aren't about to attack odd ducks about the place . . .

  3. SG geese are lethal, I would steer well clear of them. Are FD ducks violent when aroused? Did I say that?

    Thanks strewth & carolyne for your kind words. I just love the camaraderie of the WC Half Marathon, I can just imagine what a buzz it is at the end of the 6ft track, see Plu's blog & no doubt others to get a bit of an idea. Ewen, warm up your typing index finger & give us a burst. e.g. just what did GB have for breakfast?

  4. Geoff, for me it was a rather hot Saturday morning and afternoon!

    GB's run was almost as amazing as Emma's! Must have been the hill training at Parly House!

    Don't know what he had for breaky, but that evening we all had Chinese and then celebrated and joked well past midnight drinking too much red wine and champagne.