Thursday, 11 May 2006

Bizarre Blog Finds

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, May 11, 2006 with 2 comments
The top line is Peter - a goose - Rae - "bloody knees" - Griffin - Chris Martin of Coldplay - and a shot of CJ lurking at the front of a half marathon start line.

The second line is Vicki - Lola aka Aki? - Strewth, Kath and Charmaine - Helen - Colin - Caroline (not FD, who spells it differently anyway) - Sarah, Kt, Jenny and Karen - Annette - Kevin and me - Maria and Jenny - and finally, how to cool down when running a marathon on a hot day.

I have several versions of the banner which I will change around every now and then.

Some Race results
I have been waiting for more race results to appear so I can publish our training group times..

Cooleman Ridge
Quite a few ran the short course instead of doing the whole thing.

Result of short course (5k)
12. Caroline Campbell W60 27:03
17. Ewen Thompson M45 24:38

Sunday's Jogalong 6k Maria, Katie and Helen ran.. Still no results published...

Video blogging
Now that I have managed to include a video in a post (see Herb, below), the plan is to figure out how to get videos taken by my CoolPix 5900 camera up onto the blog. Also I will see if it's possible to add simple audio files.

Green shoes are catching on
Another running blogger has caught the green shoes bug!

Bizarre blog finds
I am often amused by the strange things people put in search engines which end up with them finding my site.

For example
"how to eat for 400m races" (they got my “quinces” post!)
"newman school"
"song lyrics "Craig Edwards""
"maria moore"
"geoff moore and the distance" (a US band)
"Lyrics to Home Run By Geoff Moore"
"duman school girl"
"running funny team names"
"How to run a feast Half Marathon" (presumably they meant “fast”, but they still found me)
"kfc application on line in tyler" (I must have mentioned my grandson Tyler, but not in the same breath as kfc!)
"running team names"
"running a marathon when pregnant"

This site is often high in the list of sites returned by search engines. Just occasionally, we are hit one.

For example, the following search texts put us at the top of the list
"pic of a 400m running track"
"photo lyneham house"

Finally, I only have a record of these when they actually open up this blog to have a look.

Welcome Stranger!


  1. I like the new Banner Geoff : )

    I can't wait to get my new speedy green shoes...

  2. Cool! Another "Maria Moore" search found me as a result of this post!