Thursday, 1 June 2006

Old Photographs #4

Posted by Ewen on Thursday, June 01, 2006 with 3 comments
This one is at the Warm-up track at Bruce when we still had another track in the main stadium - February 1985. Note the lack of a grandstand in the background.

I think everyone wore club uniforms in 'the old days' because they were so trendy. You've got to love those vertical stripes. Very footy-like. There were a lot of female middle distance runners in the 1980s. I'm not sure who the Weston Creek runner leading in this race is but I know the other two.

Woden had heaps of female runners because the maron and blue vertical stripes looked so good. Crop tops hadn't been invented back then.


  1. Vertical stripes make you look skinny, heh? (Do you like the new QLD turn of phrase, but?) Could be the answer to the obesity epidemic?

  2. Perhaps another reason people wore club uniforms is because that's about all one could buy to run in. I can't remember ever going into a 'sports shop' and buying running gear - other than baggy grey track suits. IT wasn't trendy those days to wear Addidas, Nike, etc sportsgear. And there wasn't a lot of choice. I usually trained in a baggy cotton tshirt and whatever shorts I could find that were comfortable to run in (usually only available for men anyway). Certainly no gear for women other than club & school uniforms. I remember racing in 'bloomers' as we called them and polysester type singlets, very hot.
    I remember us teenage girls showing up at training one day in our swim suits (it was so hot, one piece tank style swimsuits with shorts over top) only to be told that we were not to run dressed like that - it was very unlady like.

  3. And we males had the hide to complain because the officials made us tuck our singlets in at the start of a track race!