Saturday, 10 June 2006

sub 90 form

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, June 10, 2006 with 9 comments
The last few seconds.


  1. Great photo - good to see that CR cap! Well done! And a big welcome back!

  2. Are we going to see you at the rowing sheds at Black Mountain Peninsula tomorrow morning Geoff ?

  3. Anonymous11 June, 2006

    too fast,tooo furious!!well done Geoff,big congrats.see you soon.all the best,Charlie.

  4. Thanks Strewth, it was great to catch up with the CRs in sunny Brisbane.
    Yes Griffin we are/were running Sunday morning! There was only you, me, and a speedy goose at this morning's run (and Mr Flibble). Lots of people around the lake but it was so cold with the wind off the snow, that most of them were reduced to a walk.
    Hi Charlie, I will see you Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday? if you can brave the freezing conditions and run in Canberra. Are you snowed in up there at Lake George?
    Hi all, I will distribute bananas at training Monday. Promise.
    Don't forget to check "coming events" and a note what's on including a big 5k/10k at Terry Fox next Sunday.

  5. I saw you out there doing the 2.2k - you looked like you were living up to your name, SpeedyGeoff!

  6. Hi Hannah; Congrats on your great 9 minute pb for the half; You've let the cat out of the bag; Yes I "ran" the 2.2k lap-of-Doomben-track with the kiddies and a few who like me are well into their second childhood. Most opted not to take advantage of the free entry, but I am a great believer in cool downs and it was a great way to do it! I am now a fully fledged horse.

  7. running is so enjoyable to watch =) it's just admirable that you manage to fit in so much running in your holiday schedule... i wish i could.

  8. Noice sweet banana's at training tonight Speedy Coach.....just as well Griffin didn't show, he would have eaten them all!!!!!

  9. Tonight so few runners, so many bananas.
    I have plenty left over for another day!
    Maybe I should save them as a special prize for anyone running a speedy 5k this Sunday?