Saturday, 30 September 2006

overtake only when other lanes are clear

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, September 30, 2006 with 2 comments
We had a good trip to Adelaide. (Elizabeth actually). Absolutely nothing on the road from Canberra to Balranald on Thursday, and a great meal at our favourite halfway restaurant at the Balranald RSL; a little more Friday (early long weekend) traffic on the road to Elizabeth (just North of Adelaide). Interesting to have a fruit check between Euston and Mildura. The fruit fly police are serious again as they should be. It's all very dry; dusty sheep abound.

The sign on the main highway (as in today's title) is exactly what we need in Canberra coming out of Higgins/Hawker towards Glenloch. I have see one horrific accident there, due to cars being allowed to pass down the hill where there is one downhill lane and two uphill.

A few posts ago I prophesied Elizabeth would have more sun, more magpies, more dogs. So far one run this morning produced two out of three of those items: today is a fantastic sunny day, I didn't experience any magpies in the seventy minute run; but for the first time in over 44 years of running I was savaged by a dog.

Yes a large dog attacked me at the back of some houses, its stupid owner saying "she only wants to play" and failing to control it. So I limped home bleeding. I am rather cross.

It is strange being a Canberran in Adelaide the weekend of the Melbourne Grand Final between Sydney and Perth, and of the Sydney Grand Final between Melbourne and Brisbane. I am feeling very national today.

I will be off for another run tomorrow, then off to see the lead singer of the band Newsboys whom I have discovered is in town.


  1. Savaged by a dog?

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to own animals!!

    Any serious damage?

  2. :( Sounds bad Geoff. I realaly don't like some dog owners, I did it again today, where I stop because a dog is without a lead a bit ahead of me, and then the owner will give me a goofy smile as if to say 'oh, a beginner who had to stop running 'cause she was tired...'

    If it makes you feel better, I did experience sunshine and a magpie in my run today too. :) :(

    Go the Eagles! I've been a supporter of them since 1991, and have witnessed many people at half time suddenly become Eagles supporters from way back, lol. I, of course, was jumping up and down and yelling at my tv like a maniac, I think I've just lost my reputation from my neighbours for being the sane one!