Tuesday, 10 October 2006

On the road again

Posted by Ewen on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 with 2 comments
Geoff is on the road again and out of touch with civilisation. Yes, he's travelling without a laptop through one of those remote Australian locations that lacks internet access.

Sadly I can't give a report on Monday's training session at Parliament House because I wasn't there. My calf injury has returned. I was at Parly House the previous Monday along with three others. I think that's the smallest 'class' since that dismal day at North Lyneham when the rain bucketed down. I remember Trevor was already 'in it' so a few of us joined him for some slippery and 'fun' running on the muddy clay of the ridge.

I've borrowed this cartoon from Scott Brown's blog. I find myself saying that about every runner I see as inactivity has resulted in my carrying an extra 5 kilos to all training sessions.


  1. Love the cartoon Ewen. I'm sure you'll soon have your extra weight off when you're back in training.

  2. The real reason why number 3 is so fast is because of his good form.

    Lulu, I'll have to sign up for the 'smallest loser'.