Saturday, 21 October 2006


Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, October 21, 2006 with 7 comments
Watch it. I am a venomous banana eater. Don't cross me when I am in a race!

I ask myself the following Qs: why do people intentionally run alongside one another in track races making it impossible to pass them? And why did I let myself get upset when I was charging around the track on Thursday night in the 4 lap spiral and, on three occasions, was expected to move out wide to pass people who were running two abreast who should know better?

If faster runners are coming through there is no need to move out; hugging the inside works fine. BUT courtesy dictates the need to at least run in single file except when passing.

All three pairs I passed were doing it deliberately.

I suppose it is inconsistent of me to ask them to mind their Ps and Qs while I don't. Well, I passed the first pair on the outside muttering "single file please!" I passed the second pair by pushing between them, saying "don't run next to each other!" And the third pair I ducked through on the inside, yelling "single file, PLEASE!"

Sorry, I will shut up next time.

Feeling cut?


  1. what is not brought to consciousness will be experienced as fate

  2. The snake and banana was kinda cool but the mouse.....disturbing.

  3. Good point, anonymous. To continue the discussion, I should clarify that I do like to think that environment + choices primarily determine our lives, rather than genetic pre-disposition.

  4. i agree. for example, i will never look at fruits and animals the same way again.

  5. I tried running but realized if I drove I'd save so much more time.

  6. They were long lost friends having a friendly chat - they hadn't seen each other since the race started.

    How did you run that 3k Geoff? You had to DNF the warm-up run on Monday due to injury!

  7. That picture of the mouse has made me want to cry! That's horrible! :( :( :(

    Maybe the pairs new in advance what you were going to post and did that in revenge.

    Huh. I think I might post a more tasteful picture...