Tuesday, 7 November 2006

The ten best use of sunglasses in film according to Paste Magazine.
10. Men in Black
9. Midnight Run
8. Blade
7. Cool Hand Luke
6. Top Gun
5. Reservoir Dogs
4. The Matrix
3. Risky Business
2. The Terminator
1. Blues Brothers

how we trained: Last night it was "follow the leader" around the gardens steps and slopes of parliament house. A welcome break from more intense running.

After training I took speedyjenny to our favourite restaurant, the 2 sisters at Kippax, where we enjoyed beautiful food - yellow curry with chicken; and Wok flamed mixed seafood in chilli, garlic and basil. Yummo! As well as a McGuigan Merlot. And a very special desert. A nice way to relax at the end of the day.

Tonight at 6pm is the first of the ACTCCC Spring Series races, a 5k event at Molonglo Reach. It's a flat course, so I might go and run it!

Now it's off to try and make it rain. I will hang up the washing, then wash the car. Ah, retirement!


  1. That title has to be from "The Blues Brother" cos that's one of your favourite movies and it's in your list of movies with the sunglasses. Oh and you succeeded in making it rain just briefly enough to allow Mr B to convince me not to run in the X Country tonight after too much Melbourne Cup lunch!! 'Hope you ran well' she added guiltily!!!

  2. You spoiled it Strewth! You should say something like "We're on a mission from God". Or, "We've got both kinds of music - country and western!"

  3. too easy, but then I do mostly have the same taste in movies as you!