Saturday, 18 November 2006

Overcoming Injury

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Life is short... running makes it seem longer. - Baron Hansen

Ease those sore muscles. (reprise)

COLD WATER. Animals stand in cold streams straight after a long hard chase. You could too. Standing in cold water or sitting in a cold bath (brrrr!) could help recovery after a hard run.

WALKING. Long walks are an option when it hurts to run, whether tired from an exhausting race, or suffering muscle damage, blisters etc.

MASSAGE. Massages might assist recovery after races, but they may also be beneficial the week before a major event.

REST. "Putting the feet up" is a good strategy!

WARM-UP. As you get older and start carrying a few old injuries, a proper warm-up is essential.


1. Don't forget to go out and watch the World Triathlon long-course championships, on in Canberra all Sunday.

2. Next Thursday is not only a Pennington 3000m, and a 10k, there is also a 4x800 relay.

3. Katie has already organised a W40 team for the relay. How about it, 800m runners in other age groups? Get your team together in advance and have a crack at the ACT records. Or even the Australian records!

on your marks...

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  1. thank you for the advice on sore muscles. deeply appreciate it, especially now that training is getting more intense. and those are pretty feet (or is it foot?) :)