Friday, 20 July 2007

Icy I See

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, July 20, 2007 with 5 comments
A game
I hope you enjoyed the cow maze puzzle last week, good wasn't it?
Here is a superior version of the point-and-click escape-the-room type of game called Rental House. I like this one because the graphics and motion are good and it is challenging without being too hard.

Brass Monkey Weather at Dickson Oval.
Last night saw Amanda, Geoff & Kathy, Katie, Ken, Maria & Peter, Neil, Tony and Rod brave the bitter wind and run in a relay where we each ran 8x300m with a 200m jog. We also timed ourselves for twenty seconds to see what our natural leg speed was. I think we will have to do it for longer than that to get an accurate measure. I am encouraging the speedygeese to run at a consistent 180bpm if they can. Which they all achieved easily last night.

Here is an online metronome if you want to check the pace of your ipod running songs.

Neil picking up the pace

Are there two Canberras?
There is a suggestion in today's Canberra Times letters column that the weather forecasts we get are meant for a different Canberra. That would explain everything, the toss of a coin would be just as accurate.

While on the Canberra Times, what a stupid front page headline today! We are not getting "recycled sewage". Idiots! It is the sewage which is being removed from recycled water. As usual, emotive nonsense from the media. Oh, and incidentally, the dams are filling again. Yeah, right, she'll be right then.


  1. Neil didn't get the "That's Gold" sign right.

  2. 180?!? does that just sound faster sitting in front of the computer in one's slippers? are you sure that's humanly possible? sounds like an army of gerbils

  3. I counted my steps during 4 minute reps and was consistently around 198 per minute. Dumb question, but does the 180 depend on what sort of session you are doing?

  4. It is good to see some people experimenting with the 180bps, whether it's people in fluffy bunny rabbit slippers sitting in front of the fire (computer, hah. You probably employ a writer) doing mind experiments, or ultra distance runners who think they can run faster 100km runs if they do sprints every second day.
    My "secret" follows my observations at the athletics track, where all the best runners from 400m and up are running at 180bpm, while some of the worst aren't, particularly us oldies.
    And I am only just starting to challenge my training group in this area, to see if it works!
    Obviously not ALL sessions would you run at 180bps; you might be asked to do bounding or similar strength work which involves slow leg turnover & quite high impact; or at the other extreme, running-fast-on-the-spot type drills, or indeed, pace variation and surges. But otherwise, guardedly pending research, yes I think you would try for 180bps for most running, because race practice in its various forms is important unless you never race. Would you work on leg strength and knee lift to get an increase in stride length and to slow down the tempo if you find you are too much more trhan 180 or so? I think so... except if your races are much longer distances, maybe getting it "right" for short distances doesn't matter. See what you do for a long distance! (get someone else to count for you?!)