Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Over the Hills and Far Away

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 with 4 comments
While running, I have been listening to albums “Cities” and “Blueprints for the Black Market” by Anberlin, and “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes” and “Transatlanticism” by "Death Cab for Cutie". The latter are nothing like you think – they sound a bit like the album “Sum of Us” by Brisbane supergroup “The Henrys”. Death Cab for Cutie also remind me of Relient K for some reason, I don’t really know why, they are not all that similar. Maybe it’s the words. Anyway, my song of the week: this week is “Mood Rings”, by Relient K, from "Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right…But Three Do”.

This Thursday’s track program:
6:30pm3000m (gm)
6:50100m (d)
7:45200m (b)
8:004 x 100m, 2 x 200m
8:20spiral 4

Hot, dusty, windy, awful; just some of the words used to describe the Brindabella Classic held last Sunday. Some entrants did not start, some did not finish, some faded badly, some handled the conditions well. Speedy geese as ever were outstanding, although some geese couldn't do stairs too well afterwards, as was evidenced at the Two Sisters Laos-Thai restaurant last night. Which is on the first floor.

Here's photographic evidence of Sunday: click to enlarge. Where's your hat, Mick?

And some results -

Bulls Head Challenge: 27.3k
10. Helen Larmour 2:08:26 first woman
12. Kelley Flood 2:18:13 second woman
18. Emma Adams 2:26:33
20. Roger Pilkington 2:29:55

Geoff Barker was a dnf, and Peter Hogan and Caroline Campbell were among the many who had entered but did not start. It was that kind of day.

In the longer 53.8k there were some Speedygeese in relay teams, but who they were and how they went I do not know, as the team names give no clues at all. So whoever you were, and however you went, well done.

Awards at the dinner last night went to those who attended most training sessions in July, August and September! These were-
Parliament House: Ken White; Sonia Veldhoven (both 12 out of 12)
Dickson: Matthew Hardy; Maria O'Reilly (both 10 out of 12).


  1. Leave your shirt on Mick!

    Kelley and Helen are looking good. I wonder if Helen is mates with Elka Graham? ;)

  2. No, even if you have heard that Elka's a goose, she was never a member of Helen's training squad.

  3. You wouldn't know by the look of them that Helen and Kelley were running much further than, say, Mick, who was "only" in the relay?

    Did you notice the variety of places people chose to pin their "chest" numbers?

  4. Yes! I use the Kelley method when permitted. No need for cooling down there.