Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Just what were the Crows thinking?

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 with 5 comments
Races of interest this Thursday
6.40 pm3000m
7.00 pm400m
7.20 pm1500m Pennington
8.00 pm4x200m relay
8.15 pmspiral 6

Monday night training
Adam, Amanda, Barbara, Emma, Ewen, Helen, Joel, Kelley, Ken, MickH, Neil, Ruth, Sonia, and Yelena joined me on a sultry evening at Parliament House to run four intervals over 700m each with a bit of a jog in between, and some stretching afterwards. Annette passed by, I also spotted Prue in the distance on one occasion, walking home from work. Back to shorter/faster next week?

Have you noticed that the ACTVAC website now makes more than just the latest Vetrunner available for down-loading?

Currently October and November are there. December is due to be added about two weeks from now.

And I have improved and simplified Vets NEWS. Does anyone have items they would like me to add to Vets News? Get them to me anytime at all. I regularly make updates and changes. And you can also pass on to me any comments and observations about the website and I will SEE WHAT I CAN DO.

Adelaide Crows
I have just discovered the inspiration for the uniform used by my footy team, the Adelaide Crows. Via a bit of a detour, I am pretty sure this post is the true source: it contains excerpts from a 1977 clothing catalog including the photo in question. I refrained from commenting on the post as there are over 450 comments there already. Mr Bob Saget is wearing the uniform. He looks like a friendly fellow.

Clearly it was such an attractive look that the Crows couldn't resist adopting it as their permanent uniform.


  1. The Pennington 1500 is a handicap Mr Unhappy? Do I get 100ths of seconds or a time to the nearest second?

    I'd hate to have 4:59.99 rounded up to 5:01 ;)

  2. OK, I will ask them not to round 4:59.99 up to 5:01, just for you.

    They will do what they usually do and round it up to 5:03.

    Would you take that?

  3. Bloody oath! I'd even wear yellow strides for a month for 5:03.

    These days I'd be ecstatic with 5:33!!

    Yes, two exclamation marks.

  4. Great stuff Speedygeoff.! I followed that link and now know why I did and continue to get my "ass kicked" on a regular basis!

  5. Ditto: My ass was kicked at a couple of primary schools and no wonder. I am really pleased there are no photos of me from when I was in grade seven. Oh drat, I have just remembered there were. I am really pleased that the photos of me in grade seven at Flinders Street Practising School have been lost. I remember being asked not unthreateningly "are you a bodgie?" but I have no idea now what that meant.