Sunday, 27 January 2008

Plan a day off

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Asked what training pattern we should be following here in Canberra, here is my advice.

Current Training Pattern
Mondays Speed / Tempo
Tuesdays Long Steady
Wednesdays Easy
Thursdays Race
Fridays Rest
Saturdays Tempo / Speed (opposite of Monday)
Sundays Easy

The principles followed with this pattern are:
(a) A long day each week is important. Perhaps extend the distance every couple of weeks.
(b) One rest day is a good idea - remember the "Sabbath day" principle.
(c) The longest day should be preceded by a speed day and followed by an easy day; that way, appropriate recoveries occur.
(d) Three demanding days in a row should never be attempted.

Today at the Campbell Park Vets handicap I ran only six seconds slower in the 3k than I did last year. I think my form has returned. This is after a One Hour race on Thursday at the track, and yesterday at Stromlo averaging 3:45 for my kilometre reps. I was joined there this week by Bronwyn, Rachelle, and Kelley. Tomorrow at Parliament house we will meet at 4:30pm and 5:30 pm as always, but for an evening of easy recovery running in preparation for racing at Stromlo Tuesday evening. Given that Monday is a holiday, attendance is optional! (Or, more optional than usual).

I have been following the above pattern for most of my recent training. It is good to plan a day off. But the Friday "day off" comes between an intense Thursday night and a hard Saturday morning. Makes for a short "day". And, a day off can be a jogging day. Or, a jogging day in place of a speed day, as tomorrow will be.

Yes, today's race was an "extra" not in the pattern, but I couldn't resist trying to outrun the other geese. And although I took a gut with me, I did not bust it.

Just another reason for an easy day tomorrow.

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  1. G-day speedygeoff,

    Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. If I recall correctly (from my times at Cool Running Oz), you are one of top runner in the masters running community in Canberra. The plan that you wrote looks interesting, but I notice that you do your long run after a speed day. In my case, I sometimes have difficulty running long even at a slow pace after a speed day since my muscles are tight and sore.

    Sling Runner