Thursday, 27 March 2008

Winter Training

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 27, 2008 with 7 comments
Winter! It's cold enough this morning! Winter training starts today; we meet at Dickson oval at 5:30pm, for a warm-up, stretch, some run-throughs, and then some intervals. I have planned a good challenging session for seasoned athletes, and less demanding options for newer members of the training group. We will see some old faces, some familiar faces, and some new faces, I am sure. It will be good to catch up with everyone!

Cotton Tales
My niece Melanie has written an amusing post about her visit to Canberra at Easter, at

Canberra Marathon
A course map, with km marks, can be found at If you are not running, I want to see you out there on the course cheering us on. And not arriving after it is half over, either!

Seen in Canberra

You might see one of these lakeside as you run in or watch the marathon. Or then again, you might not.


  1. Winter... ahhh, you enter it as we exit. I like running in the Spring and Fall. Summer is great in dry climates (I hate humidity) but burrr.. not a fan of cold wind!

    Enjoy your cool down!

  2. Your niece's post reminds me of the cheap Y-fronts I bought in LA because I'd run out of clean Bonds.

    That looks like Superflake walking slower than a duck. He should join the geese for fast running at Parly House!

  3. I love that blog entry from your niece - so funny! And I hadn't realised Dickson training started tonight - oops, sorry - will be there next Thursday! :(

  4. Too easy .... ok, someone has to say it .... who's the goose ....... and oh look there's a bird next to him

  5. My money is on the duck! Go ducky!

  6. The duck certainly has more charisma, and is leading by a short half beak.

  7. ... and the duck has better form than John Winston.