Sunday, 18 May 2008

Canberra Half Marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, May 18, 2008 with 7 comments
The rain went away, the cold wind slowed everyone down, the top ten weren't all that fast which is an indication of the difficulty of running on the day. But there were some good performances from the speedygeese, as you would expect.

Preliminary Report [updated]: approximate times the speedygeese ran:
99 Geoff Moore 1:30.30
115 Mick Horan 1:32.21 won a barrel draw prize
149 Kelley Flood 1:35.55
158 Roger Pilkington 1:36.56
184 Gary Bowen 1:38.55
191 Cathy Newman 1:39.14
211 David Baussmann 1:41.30 pb & won a barrel draw prize
246 Bronwyn Calver 1:43.42 pb
316 Alan Duus 1:49.35
378 Geoff Barker 1:54.04
392 Ruth Baussmann 1:55.24 W55 winner
Caroline Campbell ~1:55.30 W60 winner & won a barrel draw prize
Charmaine Knobel ~2:01
Peter Hogan ~2:03.30

I will update/correct/& republish this whenever I find out more, and finally when I see the official results, which shouldn't be too long..

My own run was OK, nothing to write home about, I ran 98 seconds faster in 2007 but this is my second fastest ACTCCC Canberra Half Marathon since 1994. I wanted to run 4:10s but managed 4:15s exactly from the start until a sore left foot started to slow me down at about 15k, but not by much. Anyway, I am quite happy to call it my M60 pb for now or forever! And of the people I was "serious" about beating, none finished ahead of me, which is good! Some of you know who I mean.

But what fantastic runs from Kelley and from David, to pick out just two!
And Bronwyn's pb despite smashing a foot playing footy yesterday!
And Caroline & Ruth winning their age groups!
Woo hoo!

And there were only a few barrel draws; three of them wins to the speedygeese!


  1. I agree! Fantastic runs, from the speedygeese.

    Woo hoo - ooh oow! That's my attempt at palindromic cheering ;)

  2. Nice run Speedygeoff it seems that your body is a little slow in catching on to the fact that you're 60 and shouldn't be running that fast! So close to breaking 1:30 on that kind of day bodes well for the future.

    By the way, sorry for leaving that
    dirty joke on your blog the other week. I noticed it was deleted and then realised that your blog is probably read by the young as well as the young at heart so I should have been more thoughtful.

    My policy of "radical honesty" sometimes is misplaced.

  3. MERCY and truth, Scott. Not just truth. You've been out of the link too long and been de-Westernised (truth) but we still like you and wish you'd return (mercy).

  4. You're exactly right there Speedygeoff. Thanks

  5. Huge congrats on your M60 PB - you have set your standards very high now!! Go the geese!

  6. Thanks strewth, well my long term goal for 2008 is/was 86 minutes for the half, but I am just not tough enough to do that (yet), or more specifically my feet aren't.. Just how do you toughen up your feet? (Hence the plan to transition to barefoot running this summer. Any other advice?)

  7. Huuuuge congrats Speedygeoff!!!! That's a very impressive time indeed. And what great results from your flock.