Thursday, 29 May 2008

Run For Your Life

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From Half Fast:
“Congratulations to Ilsa Paulson (pictured right) who won the Bolder Boulder Women’s Citizen’s Race. Eat a sandwich! Something’s not right when you can dramatically shift your centre of gravity by nodding your head.”

This "look" is NOT the goal of the speedygeese! Yes I keep track of my weight (see every Monday's post forever) but it is in the context of distances run, gym sessions completed, times achieved, and is all part of the analysis of what makes me strong fit speedy and healthy.

Good to see Mike (Running with Lydiard) is blogging again; he mentions over-training in his post. "it was interesting to note how many coaches and runners cited mood swings and depression as harbingers of over-training". Please, please use rest and recovery days, and read the signs! Here is a list of other signs of over-training:

- insomnia
- decrease in appetite
- decrease in performance
- loss of coordination
- prolonged recovery
- amenorrhea
- increase in muscle soreness
- loss of body weight
- elevated heart rate
- chronic fatigue
- decreased motivation
- decreases immune system (increase in infections, colds, etc...)

A very detailed article on over-training and its signs, causes, ways to objectively measure it, and methods of recovery from it, can be found at Where you will find links to many other articles, enough to keep you busy reading for the rest of 2008!

There's nothing left over on these plates!

Graeme, Cathy, Christine G at the speedygeese May dinner. Photo by Strewth.

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  1. eeek! Her picture has inspired me to eat a candy bar! I'm glad Mike is back too!