Thursday, 19 June 2008

Roll Over Beethoven

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Geoff Barker at Oakey Hill

While the world goes crazy, obsessing over John Howard Tributes to Gay Marriage and everything in between, you and I are the sane ones who don't worry about such concerns but only obsess over running, which is different of course. But my passion / obsession for music is just as great if not greater than my passion for running. For a start, I am using every Beatles song title in my blog titles (work your way back and see!) until either I run out of Beatles songs or they just aren't relevant anymore. (Can someone please tell me they had to break into their house via a bathroom window?) Old stuff such as Beatles music is sometimes good (if you ignore the production quality) but I am not so sure about Beethoven - his lyrics were crap, for a start. But speaking of lyrics, good lyrics make the song, which is why I often reproduce lyrics here. From the Graceland days of Paul Simon, to the brilliant writing of Death Cab for Cutie, it's the combination of word and rhythm which grabs the attention. And I now own Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" (I haven't listened to it yet) which may be the next big thing; it will enter the Aria charts at number one next week; a fascinating article on its creation and on Coldplay is in today's Canberra Times. Also in the Canberra Times is a glowing review of Death Cab's "Narrow Stairs", where the reviewer raves about my favourite song "Vineyard Fires". Maybe that will be the single to follow-up "I Will Possess Your Heart".

The Canberra Times also has an interesting article on Pilates and its origin. I have often felt Pilates is pretty stupid and the article reinforces that feeling. Still, doing Pilates is possibly better than doing nothing at all.

But I am not letting journalists tell me what to think. Song-writers, that's different!

On a completely different subject

Here is my song-writing daughter Mon, at a sound desk the other day, and her two daughters. Her son is running around somewhere.

p.s. My review of "Grapevine Fires" was on 2 June in And you can still hear it on the playlist on my side-bar. (But not in the office; you had better wait until you get home)

p.p.s. Coincidentally, I have now just been informed that small samples of Mon's CD are on facebook at . Songs composed, played, and sung by Mon, with a little help from her friends.


  1. I've been playing the music on your side bar and really enjoying it- is that THE Geoff Moore singing?

  2. Just listened to Mon's CD on facebook - it's beautiful.