Monday, 15 December 2008

Where I Live

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, December 15, 2008 with 3 comments
Google earth has managed to capture me driving my car into the driveway of our house!

How to be unhappy #4. Always be ready with an excuse.
Have excuses for everything that doesn't work out in your life exactly as you want it to. "It was my parents' fault" is a popular one. Runners at start lines of races are the best at this, I do it myself. "I had a big lunch". "My leg is sore". If these excuse-statements become habitual, that is how you will come to see yourself most of the time, as someone who won't be at their best at any time. Although, I don't think runners in general are like that, I think it's more a case of them psyching out the opposition before the race starts. But you know the type.

There will be more of these "unhappy" offerings to come, but do not fear. I am getting them out of the way so that we can swing to the positive before Christmas ready for a brilliant new year!

Karma. Here's an interesting website!

My plans this week
Monday: I am skipping my gym class this morning, I will be seeing my health professional today to see if I should run or ease off. Or at least, to see what he thinks, I will still run. Then our normal Parliament house training, a run at 4:30pm and meeting everyone at 5:30pm
Tuesday is our speedygeese dinner in the evening, so instead of going to Stromlo late afternoon I will run long from home during the day.
Wednesday I may attend the gym class, then go for a moderately long run somewhere. Another dinner is on that evening so I have to keep the running going or more upward arrows will appear!
Thursday At this stage I am planning on running around Parliament house preparing for next week's Monday session, then later in the day going out to track at the AIS but I won't risk competing.
Friday is my gym session followed by yet another Christmas function at lunch time, maybe after that I can fit in an easy run, and in the evening party party party! This week is looking good!
Saturday 9am Stromlo intervals.
Sunday 8am Stromlo long run.


  1. Great photo for checking out which neighbours you need to get to know in order to borrow their swimming pool this summer...

  2. The lawns look a bit crunchy. Must have been taken before last week's deluge.

  3. Google Earth says "March 08", which fits. And it is very interesting to move around the neighborhood and sneak a look in backyards; and surprise surprise, no surprises!