Tuesday, 3 February 2009

not good

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song of the week: "This Moment", by The Incredible String Band. For some reason I can't shake this song from my head. I don't expect a single reader would ever have heard of it. It was one of my favourites from the year 1969.
Each moment
is different
from any before it
Each moment
is different
it's now

Funny things we listened to back then. Nevertheless, times are now even stranger than they were in the sixties. In yesterday afternoon's warm-up run, as Ewen and I negotiated the Parliamentary Triangle, we encountered a horde of the strangest people you are likely to meet, lurking about below old Parliament House, and for one moment I thought we had gone through a wormhole and were running in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. This was confirmed when one of the lurkers shouted a crude, ignorant, drunken comment in our direction. This morning's press reveals that this same horde "stormed" the High Court yesterday. There you go.

fun for some
At training were Bronwyn, Ewen, Geoff B, me, Kirsten, Mick C, Neil, Ruth, Tim, Yelena and Zili. Mick H was sighted early on, Joel later on, but neither were running. We did four lots of four by twenty second sprints with twenty second jog recovery; it started off looking very hot but it was cooling down fast. As it was a short session, I took the runners over to a hill where we did some attrition sprints. Fun for some. Five were eliminated after the first sprint, Kirsten after the second, Ewen the third, Yili the fourth, leaving Tim and Bronwyn to battle out the last. Which Tim duly won. The hill was sandy, which randomised things a little. But next time I am thinking, "handicap". With Tim waaaay back each effort. And with the five who were first eliminated this time given a bit of a start next time.

bad joke
Which is how I felt last week with the network crashing all the time

bad image

bad luck
not good


  1. I thought you were going to suggest tying Tim's shoelaces together.

  2. handicapping - yep i'm all for that!!



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