Thursday, 5 March 2009

Deep in lack of thought

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A strong wind at the track last night kept pbs to a minimum: Katie (3k near 12 minutes, 800), Bronwyn (spiral 6 pb, 3k), Amanda (800), Rachelle (800), Ken (800), Tony (800 near ACT record), Ruth (spiral 6 and 2000m walk!), Gary (I think) all had strong runs. I didn't; I am flat after last week's efforts. As was Mick H, it cannot be a coincidence after we both flattened ourselves in Geelong. Kelley made a rare appearance and ran the 3000m, I can only remember her running once before at track, that time in a 4x1500m relay. So it may have been her first track 3000, and it was just under 13 minutes.

What I am reading: more good escapism; Neil Gaiman's recent book of short stories "Fragile Things".

What I am writing: Has anyone seen my thinking cap? I will have to put it on for an April Vetrunner article. Last night it was suggested I could recycle older articles for Vetrunner and for the blog. Good idea! A bit of repetition/revision wouldn't hurt. As far as new things go, I am deep in lack of thought. Do not disturb!

Two Garys
Lee & Bowen. They could almost be twins. And both have lost a lot of weight. Ours is the one with the green gear, of course.

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  1. I remember Gary Lee - he was a good runner in the old days.