Friday, 29 May 2009

Crossing the Line

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, May 29, 2009 with 3 comments

I can never get over how runners stop on or before the line in all our races. At Lotus Bay, doing the timing, I noticed that every single runner pulled up at the finish line, some even before it to walk through. Even runners racing each other to the line, finishing together, would slow down together.

We were taught, and I try and teach, that we should run through the finish line every time without slowing down.

Finish strong!

At BBQ Stakes I almost always miss being handed a place card and have to go back for it. That is because everybody else stops on the finish line and the person handing out the cards gets away with standing just behind the line for all those finishers. But it's a fast downhill finish; it actually takes some effort to decelerate enough to stop and take a place card!

Don't just run to the finish line, run through the finish line!

Thursday training. Thirteen people ran on a pleasant Thursday evening, another session of kilometre intervals. Present were Amanda, two Bretts, Caroline, me, Janene, Margaret, Rod, Roger, Ruth, Susan, Thea & Yelena.

Beautiful autumn picture
 Kelley. Taken from her facebook page.


  1. If it's taken from her facebook it must be a good photo.

    Yes, that was an eye-opener on Saturday - 9 out of 10 runners gave away 2 to 3 seconds.

  2. I learnt from doing City 2 Surf before they had timing chips. Run through the finish hard to get a time card 10m further on. Means you always finish strong. I have passed people just before the line slowing up.

  3. City to Surf, Canberra Times Fun Run, Melbourne fun runs ditto, a fast sprint from the finish line to the time cards has gained many places.
    Timing chips removes one of the advantages of being old and smart.
    But ... if it looks like I am not practising what I am preaching (in the half marathon finish photo) you are right!