Thursday, 24 September 2009

qu'ils mangent de la brioche

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, September 24, 2009 with 3 comments
Who likes running in the cold?

I thought you had to start between the "T for Thomas" cones? Certain girls are making the mistake of giving Bronwyn a start, we will have to practise our starts in a training session soon. Bronwyn, don't let Heidi catch you next time! Heidi, don't give the others a start next time, you might need every second! Janene, you will have a one group start on Sunday, you will have to get going to stay ahead of the chasers!

Let them eat cake
4:30pm sharp today I am running 8k from Dickson. Join me! Then,
5:30pm training; warm-up then speedwork including starting practice!!!
6:30pm cool-down then cake.

Gluteus Medius
I am getting treatment on my right-side gluteus medius muscle ( I have been having problems in my "hip" for some time and now I know where the problem originates. I must remember to do my stretches! Yesterday my masseur tested the movement there, then did some work on it, improving it dramatically. It will be nice to running freely again without that pain, and maybe my times will come back down pretty well straight away, let's hope.

This Sunday's Vets handicap (in the cold!) will be the real test.


  1. It can't be cold - Carol is in short shorts and no gloves.

    Hope you can shake the hip for Sunday.

  2. "Gluteus Medius" or more commonly know as the "Congo Line Handle."

  3. That's the spot. I will try to avoid conga lines from today. And congo lines.