Thursday, 26 November 2009

go for the bronze

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It should come as no surprise that Olympic bronze medallists are generally happier than Olympic silver medallists, according to a study a few years ago. Even though the silver medallists beat the bronze medallists, which means silver medallists ought to be happier, they tended to focus on the fact that they could have won a gold medal, while the bronze medallists tended to focus on the fact they almost didn't win any medal. Silver = frustration, bronze = gratitude.

Your focus determines your reality.

After your next "disappointing" performance, before you tell the world how bad you are feeling, stop and examine your focus. Is there a point of view from which you can be thankful and grateful?

Here are some good efforts from Tuesday
ACTCCC Spring Series #4: Boathouse East 5k
38. Heidi Johnston W35 21:31
50. Craig Davis M40 22:25
51. Thea Zimpel 22:30
64. Graeme Patrick M55 24:03
71. Caroline Campbell W65 24:59
74. Cathy Montalto W55 25:06
79. Ruth Baussmann W55 26:36
91. Margaret McSpadden W60 29:33
102 finishers

Well done everyone! A couple of excellent pbs in there.

Happy with my time?
To continue the theme, in recent years I have run 10ks in (a) 40:08, and (b) 40.59. Guess which one I was happier with at the time? You are right, the 40.59. Crazy, isn't it?

We should be happy that we are just out there doing it, I think.

Last Saturday training: At Pialligo were Heidi, Tony & I. We did 5 x ~650 with ~350m jog recovery and a bit of sitting in the shade. Then at Monday training, Parliament House, were Andrew, Bronwyn, Craig, Emily, Ewen, Garry, Gary, me, Helen, Jodie, Kathy, Neil, Rachelle, Richard, Ruth, Tony & Warwick, who ran 3 x 950 with a 950m jog.

Caroline at O'Connor Ridge

Caroline would be happy with her "sub 5 minute k" 24.59 at Boathouse East!


  1. But I be Caroline would NOT be happy with that photo - lol!

  2. Perhaps I could find worse photos of certain other people to make hers look not so bad?

  3. Now that sounds ominous .....

  4. Janene, I have an absolutely brilliant photo of Strewth I keep in reserve. That's the reason why she is so polite and well-behaved most of the time.

  5. I'm polite too!

    Good point about gratitude Geoff - I'm thankful for being able to run and race.

    I wonder how Nick Willis feels about being promoted from Bronze to Silver due to the Ramzi drug DQ? He was certainly grateful for the bronze!