Wednesday, 11 November 2009


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Bernie holding off Nadine at O'Connor Ridge

BBQ Stakes today
me 27:45
Roger 28:11
Gary 28:21
Helen dnf
Victoria dnf
in a word - hot!

I called in at the Runners Shop today after the Stakes, primarily to top up the speedygeese "business cards" there, but also to have a quick look and see what the newest ASICS DS Trainers were like, because Rod Gilchrist had advised me I should wear them in my next marathon, and I always take Rod's advice unless Ewen tells me otherwise. Anyway, having tried them on, who did I see walk into the Runners Shop but 68 year old Bernie Millet, the very man whose M60 record I would very much like to break in next year's Canberra Marathon, the reason I wanted the best shoes for the job. Taking that as an omen, I bought the shoes.

Thinking about it afterwards, I wonder if I should have taken that as an omen and NOT bought the shoes?!


Kent and Lynn Williams at the 30th anniversary dinner. Kent has just turned 65, promoting me one place up the M60 seedings, while simultaneously demoting the afore-mentioned Bernie one place in the M65s.

ACTCCC Spring Series #2, Barrenjoey Drive 5k, yesterday
39. Geoff Moore M60 23:59 (still me!)
45. Mick Horan M50 24:29
49. Craig Davis M40 24:53
52. Janene Kingston W45 25:14
57. Graeme Patrick M55 25:49
71. Neil Boden M55 27:23
75. Mick Charlton M55 27:51
77. Cathy Montalto W55 28:20
82. Ruth Baussmann W55 28:55
95. Margaret McSpadden W60 32:24
101 finishers
In the same word - hot!

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  1. I'd hate to cause any trouble, so I have no complaints at all about Rod's advice - especially if the DS Trainers help you to run with Bernie's sprightliness.

    It's a good omen if one takes one's own cutlery to a restaurant.