Sunday, 15 November 2009

social whirl

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, November 15, 2009 with 7 comments
Today: Jenny and I celebrate the 40th anniversary of our engagement. We plan to celebrate by going to see "The Boys Are Back", should be good. The official engagement day was 15 November 1969. I don't know if I have photographic evidence of the event itself, but here's a picture from that era.

That's Jenny on my right and Jenny's sister Sue on my left. And that's me in between them. Just in case you find it hard to decide who's who. Jenny appears to be wearing an engagement ring. Picture taken in Adelaide. This and the one below were slides that we later converted to jpegs.

Last night we attended Janet Perfrement's 60th birthday party. Janet and I were at Flinders University together in 1967 and 1968. The photo below of Janet and I was taken later, sometime after Jenny and I had our first two children. Because as you can see, the two children are in the photo.

I am holding Nathan. Janet is holding Loani. The same Loani who has just had her fifth baby, Will. It seems the photo was taken a while ago.


  1. Congratulations to you both. I can see why your wife would be attracted to you Speedygeoff. And the denim shorts must of clinched the deal!

  2. Your eyesight is better than mine, Scott. But I thank you for the compliment. I think.

  3. Same here Scott, but I was going to say it was the neat-as haircut and well manicured beard.

    Only the faded colours gives it away. Otherwise, could have been taken a few days before yesterday.

  4. Fantastic hairstyles speedygeoff! You look very hippy in that 2nd one - cool fun looking at old piccies. Congratulations on your 40year engagement anniversary - hope you enjoy the movie. I saw the shorts and it looks good!

  5. I loved everything about the movie "The Boys Are Back".
    I was delighted to discover that it was shot in my favourite part of the world - the shorelines, hills, and vineyards to the south of Adelaide.
    It had been scheduled to have been made in Queensland, and was switched to Adelaide at the last minute!
    I cannot imagine what the movie would have been like if made in Queensland. Would the "English" connection have been Kiwi, or Japanese, for example?
    As far as SA is concerned, the McLaren Vale vineyards are as good as those in the Barossa, just not so well known.
    Imagine "Shine" made in Queensland? Doesn't work.
    "Boys" is even better than "Shine" except, of course, no Geoffrey Rush.
    The highlight? Every character is a "real person" you're sure you have met somewhere. Just as in "Shine".

  6. From a recent Jogalong Report

    Congratulations to Janet Perfrement who, after 30 years, has finally completed her 50th event. Janet first competed in February 1979 when she ran her personal best time of 26 mins 34 secs. Janet won the event in November 1982.

  7. Thanks Doug. Yes I forgot to mention that Janet is a runner! And amongst the runners, a good friend of Kaaren and Andrew Sutcliffe, who were also at the 60th party.