Tuesday, 22 December 2009

be tough, run hard, then rest.

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Christmas: a good time to fatten up ready for the hard running to come...

Monday 21 December training
It is at least two years since we have run intervals on the rubberised paths and up the steps at the rose garden. Yesterday we ran on this path in teams of two, each runner taking turns completing two laps then jogging one. We went for twenty minutes because it was a bit too warm to do more. Participating were Amanda, Andrew, Caroline, Christopher, Debbie (new), me, Jennifer (left early), Joel, Kat, Katie, Rachelle, Richard, Ruth, Tim, Tony, Warrick & Yelena. We finished by doing a couple of undulating run-throughs followed by an ascent of the big hill. No sign of any of the real mountain tourers, they were all still recovering. As they should.

Tour de Mountain 20 December
25k run men:
40 Mick Horan 2.30.32
41 Graeme Patrick 2.32.09
52 Alan Duus 3.02.44

25k run women:
25 Janene Kingston 2.37.57
27 Catherine Montalto 2.43.22
28 Bronwyn Calver 2.48.40

17k run men:
20 Adam Robinson 1.57.28

17k run women:
2 Jeni Greenland 1.48.53

17k walk men:
1 Geoff Barker 2.23.03
2 Peter Hogan 2.31.01

Goose cull
I plan soon to "cull" my list of speedygeese, keeping in the list anyone who has trained with us or who has connected with us in the last 6 months (or so?). One or two people whose results I have kept may find themselves missing. It's not final; let me know if you want to stay "in"!

When I say "trained with us" there is every reason to extend this to groups I don't actually attend but which include mostly speedygeese. So let me know too if you know people I should add! I am all for decentralisation and delegation and sharing the load around.

Who is in the family?

Many odd people have run with us some time or either. Even people whose folks supports Geelong and Essendon, and live in Richmond.

Mick Horan. John Kennedy took this photo.

Even people with penguins on their shirts.

Ken White, Ray Bramwell, Graeme Small. I took this good photo.


  1. Yep, that photo is so 'good' you get the impression that Ken is holding the trophy ;)

  2. Ken IS holding up the trophy.
    Or .. no, maybe he isn't. Do we need the third umpire?

  3. If he's holding it he has 2 right hands ;)

  4. And his arm would be very long!