Monday, 21 June 2010


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I am resuming full training this week, preparing to set myself for my next goal, whatever, I haven't decided quite yet, see below.

What's on this week:
Monday 21 June: Parliament House 4:30pm 8k jog; 5:30pm interval training.
Wednesday 23 June: 12:15pm BBQ Stakes 6k handicap
Wednesday 23 June: 5:45pm Parliament House, easy run, usually about 12k
Thursday 24 June: Dickson 4:00pm long run; 5:30pm speedygeese interval training
Friday 25 June: 12:15pm Customs 5k handicap, Stage 88
Saturday 26 June: 9:00am I run with a group from the Acton Ferry Terminal
Saturday 26 June: 1:00pm ACTCCC 9k race at Symonston Callum Brae Nature Park Narrabundah Lane
Sunday 27 June: 9:00 am ACTVAC Handicap, Mt Ainslie 4.5k/9.3k

ACTVAC promotional flyers: I have a whole bunch of new flyers which you can use to invite people to join our club the ACT Veterans Athletic Club. See me if you would like to take some.

Canada Fun Run 20 June - results for the first 25 places, many more speedygeese ran.
10k Women
12 Cathy Newman 45:06
24 Bronwyn Calver 48:04

5k Women
5 Katie Forestier 19:33
7 Emma Adams 19:41
9 Kathy Southgate 20:20
11 Helen Larmour 20:46
13 Karen Just 20:53
14 Amanda Walker 21:43
23 Maria O'Reilly 23:42
25 Colleen Koh 24:26

5k Men
22 Ken White 22:04

Brilliant performances everyone, well done and keep up the good work.

In planning stage
I will invite the speedygeese to "sign up" for one of the following so I know who I am working with:
Training pattern for the speedygeese working towards 3k/5k for next track season
Training pattern for the speedygeese working towards 800m for next track season
Training pattern for the speedygeese working towards half marathon/marathon for next March/April/May

And my own goals: in the short term
ACTCCC 8k Cross Country
ACTVAC Half Marathon
Then what? The program being prepared for the track season starting in October looks very good. But I will wait and see the date of the 2011 National Capital Marathon and any 2011 Half Marathon before finally deciding what I am training for.

Happy Birthday to my son Nathan, 39 yesterday!


  1. what if you want to cover all three training patterns??!!

  2. [Edit?] "I will invite the speedygeese to "sign up" for one or more of the following so I know who I am working with"...

    So there will be someone in each group even if it's the same someone? Good!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you next goal is. You sound very busy organising a lot of things for your gander.

  4. 3k/5k for me.

    Happy belated birthday Nathan!

  5. Any reason why there isn't a 1500m group?

  6. My answer is not G rated.

  7. According to "the special rating table", G did rate the 1500m, but not the 800m ........

  8. He didn't rate the 100, the 3k steeple or the high jump either.



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