Friday, 23 July 2010


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First of all, Happy Birthday Josiah, ten years old today!

Training last night at Dickson: Alan, Brett, Bronwyn, Craig, Joel, Maria, Nadine, Neil, Rod, Roger, Ruth, Susan & Yelena participated in a 25 minute 3 person relay over an undulating course, with me watching. Craig devised the ~400m course which ran up and down the low hill to Dickson Oval's west. The hill doesn't look very steep but once you've sprinted up and down it a few times you start to realise that appearances can be deceptive. To think we've been training there for twenty years and never used the hill until now! People jogged the 400m course in between their efforts. Most would have run 4 or 5 hard/4 or 5 easy.

Bronwyn provided this map of the run. Was there a camera on one of the light poles?

Canberra Marathon Court Case: I hear the judge is handing down his findings today. If they are favourable, I understand that is the last we should hear of all this nonsense, and we can get on with running our own events. If they are not favourable, I understand this will drag on and on and cost money. Have I got that right? As soon as I learn something I will pass on exactly what is happening via this medium.

Number 17
Lindsay Head was my footy hero when I was small.

Although Bernie Vince makes a pretty good number 17 as well!
Here's my dream footy jumper:

Go the Crows! Go the Cross Country Club!


  1. A totally unrelated post - but I can't do the C-box from work :-).
    A table for 12 has been booked at Ads on Brierly St in Weston for Bunch on Sunday post-handicap - 11 am in the name of Kingston.
    Please post in C-box and on Facebook for me ;-)

  2. ...or possibly for "Brunch".