Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 with 3 comments
The Runners Shop is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. I wonder if I call in today to their shop in Phillip, will there be cake? Today there is a full page in the Canberra Times devoted to the Runners Shop which I reproduce below. I have scanned it in two halves but I am sure you can figure out what goes with what? Our own Kathy Sims is prominent! Click to enlarge the pictures below.

A less than flattering photo of Brian Wenn was taken by John Kennedy at Parkway last year. I kept the photo because you can see Heidi heiding; heiding from the sight of a bare topped Brian. And that day was cold!

Anyhow, my congratulations to Brian, Nick and the rest of the Runners Shop team!


  1. You are so cruel! You show a photo of me like that and you're dead meat!! LOL!

  2. No, that would be unimaginable let alone impossible.

  3. And to think I was once mistaken for Brian! A couple of teenagers asked if I was that grumpy man from the Runners Shop :(