Friday, 27 August 2010

only seven weeks until track racing starts

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, August 27, 2010 with 5 comments
Dickson training. A perfect night last night for training but very few turned up, it was somewhat cool but the track was in good shape after all the rain. My plan for coping with a larger training group is starting to look like not being needed? Nevertheless I turned up and jogged around (8k in total, somehow!), while Craig ran long early (12k or so) and had to go after the warm-up, Brett (42!) ran early too then ran part of the first interval, pulling up a bit sore, Nadine ran early and ran two or three of the intervals then left with Brett, Troy arrived at the normal time and did the full training session of 8 x 300 on 4 minutes, Warrick ditto, Susan ditto plus she had arrived slightly earlier so did a longer warm-up. Susan is the winner!

Recent race results: BBQ Stakes 25/8 Helen 28:04, Kerrie 29:50, Roger 31:14, Caroline 37:59.

As indicated above, Brett turned 42 yesterday. Happy Birthday Brett!


Near Kiama from the train. I have 400 photos randomly taken of our Kiama holiday. It was nice to see warm days, green grass, blue skies, and the ocean.


  1. Maybe everyone are getting injured or sick? ;-)

  2. It seemed so last night. I think this windy snowy weather has knocked a few people out.

  3. Sorry I missed the session - I had a hot date on the other side of town! :) I had to go for a long run today to make up for it and you're right - the weather is nasty!

  4. I missed it too. Had a hot date with my bed.

    Happy birthday Brett. Go the Blues!

  5. Love that beautiful photo btw - looks stunning!