Sunday, 5 September 2010

barefoot in Stromlo Forest Park

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, September 05, 2010 with 8 comments
I was going to run there barefoot today, but I have deferred it. All parks are waterlogged and windswept today. My plan is to wait because it is bound to be better weather next week: and that is as long as I will be deferring it for; while you are all out running the Canberra Times Fun Run, barefoot in the park is where I'll be, come hell or high water.

Barefoot on sand
I have often run on sand barefoot and even with sore achilles would suffer no further injury. However last time I ran on sand I learned a valuable lesson the hard way - I turned at seven miles - the run was along "seven mile beach" - and I developed the most severe blisters, making the return journey a case of "limp-hobble-cry". Barefoot on the beach was no longer working for me.

From "John":  "Running on sand is not bad for your feet, but if you bring one bad running habit into your beach running, then you will get injured again. I think running in the sand is great, but just as with any type of running use incremental progression. Your first run should be a very easy one – short distance, and slow speed. Build up gradually from there – even if it feels too easy for weeks. If you take the tortoise approach to fitness, you’ll find that you make much more total progress over time. [And as you have been injured] don’t do anything that causes pain."

Scrivener Dam at 5:00pm yesterday

It is many years since this much water has been seen pouring from the dam.


  1. The tortoise approach to running has always worked for me.

  2. Some of us are tortoise pace anyway. I ahve always liked the barefoot running. In winter the grass is too cold. Careful with the blisters.

  3. Oh yes, I am definitely a tortoise!!

  4. And Ewen rescued a real tortoise yesterday on our run! :)

  5. And Ewen rescued a real tortoise yesterday on our run! :)

  6. If it's worth saying it's worth saying twice! If it's worth saying it's worth saying twice!

  7. If the 'calf' will let me, I may join you on your barefoot jaunt as I won't be Canberra timesing this year.