Tuesday, 7 September 2010

end of the line

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, September 07, 2010 with 9 comments

Training at Parliament House last night saw 22 people - just one short of last week's roll-up - come along for a session of 12 x 40 seconds on two minutes, the version on the west side which alternates direction from the top of the steps above the little oval. Present were Andrew, Brett, Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Damian, Emma, Ewen, Garry, me, Jodie, Joel, Katherine, Kelley, Kym, Mick C, Nadine, Neil, Noeline, Richard, Ruth & Yelena. Everyone enjoyed their running except me, for whom it was a day I'd rather forget. A series of unfortunate incidents culminated with me re-injuring my hamstring, which puts me out of action indefinitely I fear. The last straw was a ton of bricks, I don't see myself being able to resume running any time soon. A milder injury sustained in the cross country championships put me out for ten days and even then the return to running proved to be too early.

Regardless it was great to see another large group of enthusiastic runners, especially the return of Garry and Noeline from their extensive holiday. They found it a little cooler than they may have wished, given that the track season is coming soon. The track we used this time was a bit tricky to run on in the twilight until the lights brightened, but there are other options for next time.

So for most of us it will be a great spring but for yours truly it appears to be the end of the line.


  1. Sorry to hear about the injury SpeedyGeoff :-(. I too am out of action for a while yet so can sympathise. No more jogging for me as it seems to have aggravated the injury. Ah well, the bikes will have to earn their keep in the interim.

  2. Over the years the speedygeese haven't had too many injuries but there seems to be a spate of them now. Statistical variation? Or the consequence of a larger training group?
    I will still venture out on Sunday but I won't necessarily be running!
    Thanks J.

  3. Jodie said you did yourself some damage last night...not good that it's the hammie again...

    Plenty of time to work on other things while the 'string gets better!

  4. Other things = gym. I have been offered "swim" too and I might take that up if desperate.

  5. At least you're doing the right thing with the balance of power Geoff. Selfishly, I'm very sorry about your injury as that means racing Kathryn, Craig, Jen et al on the early Monday warm-up.

  6. Katherine has been instructed to keep improving. At this rate she will be leading the training group by Christmas. Hang on if you can!

  7. Geoff, I am so sorry to hear that it was the hamstring that went again. We all wonder why? Why are we getting injured :(

  8. Sorry to hear about the Hamstring injury.

    An enforced layoff is a sad blow for you.

  9. That's a real bummer - you definitely have my sympathy. Hamstrings are a pain in the ..... hamstring!