Friday, 14 January 2011

high and dry

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A member of the speedygeese who lives in Brisbane, Jenny Langton, with husband Greg Cox and their children, are safe and sound after being evacuated from her home in Fairfield, on the Brisbane River. Here is what she has been posting on Facebook:

"A massive thank you to all those people who helped us move stuff out of the house yesterday you all went above and beyond!! We are camped at the Begleys until the water goes down but best of all we now have internet access!"

Her flood photos:

I was told that her house has escaped any flood damage, with the water rising to just below her floorboards.

Track highlights from last night: It was a humid night but many good times were run. For example (a) Heidi running 2:40 for the 800m, and (b) Ruthie smashing her 3000m pb she set last week by a few tenths of a second.

Next Week we are back to normal Vets Track; a shame in some ways, as it's different racing the youngsters, and it's good having 3000m races on as late as 8:00pm when it's a lot cooler and the wind has died down. This coming Thursday there is no long event scheduled, other than the early 3000m and a walking event mid program. However an early night could be good, as the following weekend 22-23 January is very busy with a Half Marathon run on Saturday morning, the Pro-Am carnival including some open scratch events on Saturday afternoon, and major events at Stromlo on Sunday 23rd including a 5k Fun Run.

I have entered Stromlo Running Festival’s "Australian Age-Sex Adjusted (ASA) Cross Country Championships" (7.5km), on in February. I have a pig’s hope in hell of getting in the top ten amongst the prize money. Would other slow runners like to enter so I’m not alone at the back at the finish? As an example, Kathy Southgate will finish up to 8 minutes in front of me, as she will be 5 or 6 minutes faster than me over that distance, and I give her 2:13 start. Calculations for other quick runners give similar outcomes: I won’t be up there at the finish but it will be a good finish to watch if you prefer not to run!

I haven't entered the Canberra Half Marathon in April yet, as there is no incentive to enter early, as there is only $6 difference in entry fee effectively, and I may as well until the last moment.

The one race I shall have to enter a bit in advance is the Australian Masters Games Half Marathon, the date of which has finally been published - 15 October, a Saturday, and not Sunday the 16th as I had thought.

Today it's off to run the Customs 5k and see if I can improve on last week's time. And stay dry!

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  1. I'd be giving Kathy a start too, so will think about that one. Is there a sympathy prize for last place?

    Yes, racing 10-year-olds is fun - and they can't say I'm cheating running behind them and sheltering from the back-straight headwind!