Saturday, 26 March 2011

lite week

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, March 26, 2011 with 3 comments
What I am running: A couple of races this week, which is probably one too many, so am doing a lite week, which will end up being about 70km, after all my 100km weeks.

What I am reading: this week's lite reading was "Un Lun Dun", by China MiƩville. A brilliant book, quite long, targets youngish readers so is just right for me.

What I am watching (lite viewing): also aimed at a young audience, "Parallax". On TV five days a week at 8:30am, on GO. Eighteen episodes down, eight more to come. This WA based children's program is also brilliant. And I am loving my new 2 terrabyte digital recorder.

What I am planning
: I have almost decided to target 4:30s again in my next half marathon race, i.e. I won't expect improvement, but I will run the same pace as before, early, and see what happens. There are only two weeks to go and I am still recovering from the last one. Caution is the key.

What I am hoping; a Crows victory over Hawthorn. And it was great to see Geelong pip St Kilda last night, by one point with a goal 20 seconds from the end. Now if Collingwood can also lose by one point, the world will be perfect. Anything is possible.

It is great to have real football starting this weekend.

What I am doing: today, burning some new CDs for the car's CD player. Nothing too strenuous.


  1. And don't forget you also watched a beautiful wedding:)

  2. I don't tell you everything!

  3. Good lite for photographs from the one I saw on FB... but we need close-ups of the beautiful bride!