Wednesday, 15 June 2011

snail statistics

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Last Reminder - Cross Country Championships, 18 June:
no late entries.

The ACTVAC races are 8k for all women and for men 60+, and 12k for men 30-59. I will be running in the 8k at 10:40am, while the 12k starts at 11:10am well before I have finished!
On Line Entries for ACTVAC (only) can be made at
Closing Date for entries is Thursday June 16th, late entries will NOT be accepted.

Results Customs 5k 10 June
Caroline Campbell 28:03
Geoff Barker 35:27
I had intended to run this but I took a sick day… I was not too well.

Snail statistics
"Warriorwomen running" has a blog post where she talks about her training partner crushing snails on the run. Her run summary goes:

Day 12 Tally
Snails squished: 6
Runs: 9/12
Run Distance: 2.08k/19.7k
Alcohol Free Days: 4/12

So I suggest that when the snails emerge after the next lot of rain (which we have been promised but which never seems to happen) I want to see a "snails squished" tally in your statistics too. Thank you.


  1. I'm horrified!! It's not so long ago that my FB facebook pic had me as a snail. We may be slow, but us snails deserve more than that ......

    P.S. Thanks for all the reminders re XC champs. It looks a decent sized field for Vets :-)

  2. I favour protecting all tortoises. So you're safe Janene.