Friday, 22 July 2011

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Clarke&Dawe, from

Marathons: "It is difficult to train for a marathon; but it is even more difficult to not be able to train for a marathon". - Aaron Douglas Trimble. For Warrick, Katherine, Craig & Susan, all training well for up-coming marathons.

Dickson Training. Speedygeese numbers are pretty good given that it's the depths of winter. Bronwyn, Craig, Nadine & I ran early. After the warmup and once the lights had come on, at 6:00pm we did our track interval session - 300m continuous relays in teams of two Neil & Amanda, Michelle & Colin, or teams of three, Susan, Craig, Garry, Janene, Karen (new), Yelena. Nadine & I continuing to jog around. Although by the look on Nadine's face, she could have thrown in a few surges along the way.

The blog is now green not pink. Browsers: I now use Firefox exclusively, it's far superior. So this time round I haven't checked how the blog looks in other browsers. Any problems, please let me know!

I thought might change the speedygeese red to another colour for future posts if it look OK and if it's not too confusing. Though, unlike background and layout and default format changes, I can't make these specific colour changes retrospective. Blue should be OK? Shouldn't be confused with links, as all links are now underlined...

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  1. It is indeed very hard not being able to train for a marathon!! :-(